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The Cecil Hotel in L.A. Noire

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1 year ago

So i just finished watching the vanishing at Cecil Hotel in Netflix.

There was a moment the 'Black Dahlia' was mentioned. And so i discovered that the hotel has been there for a while, and i remember the Black Dahlia mentioned in L.A. Noire, a 2011 videogame from Rockstar Games, where you play as a detective investigating a series of serial murders.

I haven't finished my L.A. Noire gameplay yet, so i decided to check the maps for real and the in game map, and found South Main st. and 7th St. where the Cecil Hotel is.

so yeah, i'm surprised, i found the hotel in the game!

accurately recreated in L.A. Noire

Rockstar Games really knows their shit!


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Written by   8
1 year ago
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