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Mind Scanners - LudoNarraCon 2021 - "Papers, Please" but you diagnose and treat crazy people

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Mind Scanners

Developer: The Outer Zone

Publisher: Brave At Night

RELEASE DATE: May 20, 2021

LudoNarraCon 2021 game festival

"Papers Please" but you diagnose and treat crazy people

"Mind Scanners is a retro-futuristic psychiatry simulation in which you diagnose the citizens of a dystopian metropolis. Locate a host of other-worldly characters and use arcade-style treatment devices to help them. Manage your time and resources to keep The Structure in balance. Remember, you take full responsibility for your patients."

Steam page -

If you're a fan of "Papers, Please", then the game mechanics of Mind Scanners will be familiar to you. The game is rogue-lite and you can reload back on previous days of your duty as a mind scanner. The graphical style and content might be considered 'graphic' for some audiences. The color palette is a bit reminiscent of 'The Matrix' overt use of reds and greens.

As a mind scanner, your duty is to check out citizens whether they are insane or sane. The game features the mind scanning tool as a Rorschach-like test. Whether the images in the game actually changes or is just statically loaded from a pool of images is unknown to me. What is important is interpreting what the patient is verbally expressing from seeing those images. The game reminds me of the movie 'Equilibrium' where a little show of emotion can be considered criminal. As i learned while playing the demo, an extremely polarized behavior is already considered 'insane'.

After scanning, you will pass judgement whether the patient is normal or not. Both will have in-game consequences. If you do declare them insane, you get to earn more money and can play the game longer, and also get involved in the insanity purging mini games! That is the fun part of the game.

Even though it is very obviously 'inspired' from "Papers, Please", from the minimal graphical style, the rogue lite element, the seditionist groups etc., this game can stand out on its own and definitely has promise. In fact, i'd like to think of this game as being set in a future version of Astorzka. I look forward to buying and playing this game in its final form soon.

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Written by   8
8 months ago
Topics: Game, Gaming, Hobby
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