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easiest crypto faucets to earn free crypto coins with minimal annoyances June 2021 update

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Hi there

ever since i got into crypto, i find more ways to get a little bit more hehe

here are some of the easiest and least annoying crypto faucets i use daily (no shitty popups)

i use Brave browser, most of these sites will work with Brave ad filtering turned on (Dutchycorp will need ad filtering turned off.)

if you use my links, that would help me too! thanks!

published 3-16-2021 , will update as i discover more

before you start, make sure you have a password manager ready, like KeepassXC, as there will be a lot of account opening involved -


6-17-2021 update!

as of the moment, the first featured faucets of this article the "easyclicks" are not as easy to do as they were before. Before they changed their captcha provider, i used too them all daily! now i just do them maybe a few times a week and not even all of those, its just not worth the effort anymore.

But the good news, the Dutchy Final Autofaucet is better now especially if you hold at least a few of their tokens. (please invest only what you can afford to lose).

So right now, some of my daily faucet routines (that aren't too much work!) include: Pipeflare, Horizen Faucet, Globalhive Zcash Faucet, Ninjafaucet, Faucetcrypto, Cointiply (this one recently endorsed by Coin Bureau himself!), XLMWin

Daily login bonus faucets -,, Firefaucet

Weekly faucets with weekender bonus - Firefaucet (10PM (GMT+8) happy hour claim bonuses), Dutchy Final Autofaucet (weekend bonuses to claims)

happy fauceting!


Easyclick (not so easy as of May 2021) crypto faucets 17 sites - hourly cycle

Super minimal ads, no annoying pop-ups

5-24-2021 update! as of said date, after login, every 24hrs you need to pass captcha check once :( so this isn't that 'easyclick' anymore. maybe it is best to focus claiming on these autofaucets a few days per week, with multiple claims a day, to minimize captcha checks.

6-17-2021 update! they're too much work for too little results for me now that i have resulted to clicking them just a few times a week.

Free ADA | -

Free BNB | -

Free BTC | FreeBitcoin.IO -

Free LINK | -

Free DASH | -

Free DOGE | -

Free ETH | -

Free LTC | -

Free NEO | -

Free TRX | -

Free USDC | -

Free USDT | -

Free XEM | -

Free XRP | CoinFaucet.IO -

Free Steam | FreeSteam.IO -

(Steam is not a cryptocurrency, this faucet is for the Steam gaming marketplace)

Note: all 15 sites above are from 1 host, easiest to claim, no captcha checks needed, +1 bonus claim per day via promo code posted on their Twitter page, 1 promo code valid for all 15 sites, check each site’s FAQ for withdrawal info - most can support exchange addresses like Binance

twitter promo codes for freecardano sites

NinjaFaucet — MotaCoin and Bitcoin Faucet -

Note: sometimes 1 captcha check is required

ninja faucet

XLMWin - Stellar Lumens XLM faucet (Turkish) -

Note: has English language settings on site but not all are translated, the captcha checks remain Turkish, can claim in 2 pools - big pool (1hr cycle) and mini pool (?? minutes)



Easyclick crypto faucets 4 sites - daily cycle

Super minimal ads, no annoying pop-ups - Bitcoin faucet -

Note: also has BTC lottery, you get a few tickets with every faucet spin

GlobalHive - Zcash ZEC faucet -


PipeFlare - Zcash ZEC and Flare FLR faucet -

Notes: Globalhive, Horizen, and Pipeflare auto deposits daily, Horizon needs to be deposited into its own wallet, Pipeflare also has DOGE faucet but i don’t know until when, you can also play some games in Pipeflare to own FLR tokens on their page which will also support staking soon? You can also support Pipeflare, i am on the $2 tier monthly support. All 3 sites have IP logging, so you can't have more than one user per internet access device, if you share wifi at home - only 1 user can claim per 24hrs. You'll need to connect to a different provider or your neighbor's wifi hehe if you want to have multiple accounts.


Cointiply -

-BTC faucet, and PTC ads, no need to 'maintain window focus' when clicking the PTC ads


Multicoin faucet hubs - variable cycle per coin

Super minimal ads, no annoying pop-ups

Faucetspin - BTC BCH ETH LTC faucet -

Notes: 30 min cycle for BTC, 5 min for BCH ETH and LTC - 2 pages, 2 captcha checks, with option to earn via PTC ads too, withdraws to, no need to 'maintain window focus' when clicking the PTC ads

Faucetspin - BCD, BTG, LTC, TRX, XLM, XRP, USDT, ZEC faucet -

Notes: 1 captcha check, 15 minutes cycle on XLM, maybe on others too
-Xcolander will automatically create you a faucet wallet, i think earnings will be deposited there


Firefaucet - autofaucet -

Note: 9 coins to choose from, weekends can give a few % boost to claims, uses in house faucet wallet, but can withdraw to own wallet or; also has option to earn via PTC ads/offerwalls/survey - which will earn you 'auto faucet' points autofaucets (2 autofaucets hosted on Dutchycorp)

Expresscrypto AutoFaucet -

Note: 25 coins to choose from, has ads on page but no annoying pop-up scripts, withdraws to faucet wallet, weekends can give a few % boost to claims, 1 captcha check to login to autofaucet

Final Autoclaim Faucet -

5-24-2021 update! As of May 2021, Final Autoclaim launched their own token to incentivize faucet users with additional claim bonuses.

Note: 48 coins to choose from, has ads on page but no annoying pop-up scripts, withdraws to,, or Dutchy’s own faucet wallet, weekends can give a few % boost to claims, 1 captcha check to login to autofaucet

Both Dutchycorp faucets also has option to earn via PTC ads/offerwalls/survey - which will earn you Dutchy 'auto faucet' points. The 2 Dutchycorp autofaucets have separate auto faucet points.


Media consumption (technically not a faucet!)

like Youtube but with their own tokens - earn TFUEL while watching -

5-24-2021 update! do you have spare CPU/GPU power and want to earn TFUEL, you can try to run the Theta Edge Node on your PC. You can earn by video encoding when there are some jobs sent to you. When there are no jobs, the software defaults to running Folding@home. TFUEL earnings are sent 1st week of every month to your self-custody wallet (i use Trust Wallet). I just started running this last April 2021 and these are my earnings (not 24/7 operations). - earn POP / COS while watching -


Learn and Earn (technically not a faucet too!)

Earnathon -

Note: new page seem to be targeted to African audience, for FinLit, regardless, everyone can learn here!

Coinmarketcap Earn -

Note: best site to learn new and upcoming cryptos, i got my very first crypto from here! way back Aug 2020 (BAND protocol)

update 4-29-2021 - CMC now has a Telegram airdrop in association with "Tunabot" - instructions here -

5-24-2021 update- the FIO campaign is over and i didn't receive anything even though i passed. it seems a lot of people already know about this and so you should try to answer asap before the token allocations run out! CMC also hosts some probably legitimate Telegram airdrops, so check it out too.

Binance -

Note: i know, i know Binance is an exchange, but from time to time they also do Learn and Earn, you just need to verify your identity. My link gives you 10% commission on trading fees. They have an airdrop upcoming for Ocean Protocol ($20000-in-OCEAN-to-be-Given-Away-)

update: 4-2021 - a measly 0.7 OCEAN token hehe, but it is free and no trading prerequisite required! it means a lot of people signed up for this.


Faucet wallets

Required for some of the faucets above -

Note: used for Faucetspin, Firefaucet -

Note: used for Dutchycorp autofaucet -

Note: required for Xcolander, automatically created


Bonus - reliable airdrop sources

Youtube - Liteliger -

-every month he does a roundup of holder or non-holder airdrops on his channel, and he compiles a list on a spreadsheet, just check his video for the link -

-also reliable information i guess. classified into holder and non-holder airdrops

Tried a few of those airdrop notifier bots in Telegram, some give out ponzis so they aren't always reliable.

update: 4-2021, cleaned up my Telegram, a lot of the supposed airdrops i joined in January have vanished, Telegram channel/bot disappeared. Also in March, my Twitter account i used for retweeting airdrops got permanently banned! So please be aware of this while using your personal Twitter account for these purposes.

So yep, Liteliger is correct when he said 99% of those Telegram airdrops are scams and a waste of time.


Tool for organizing and promoting your referral links!

recently discovered the site, it is a site for searching referral links as well as promoting your own.

check out my referral links page here -

if you want to sign up for an account, use my link here -


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Thanks for reading and viewing!

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Written by   8
10 months ago (Last updated: 7 months ago)
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Really liked your BLOG this today. I am also a crypto collector ad love doing airdrops too.Find a few new ones with your blog today ! Thanks for the great blog !!

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