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Catizens - cat-themed colony management game with RPG elements

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11 months ago

Catizens a cat-themed colony builder/management game with RPG elements

DEVELOPER: badopticsgames
planned release date: December 2021?

Steam page -

demo version- 0.15.r21_win
demo play date- July 2021

cat character creator 00:25
level 1/tutorial 01:54
catfight! 15:40
completing level objectives 25:00
end of part 1 26:18

(i'm not sure if there'll be a part 2 since it is hard to edit - this is a freeform game after all, but i just check their Steam page and they'll be releasing a December demo, so maybe...)

Catizens is a cat-themed colony builder/management game. Think of it as Simcity or Simtown but with RPG elements since you individually manage your cat colonists. I think there may be elements of Age of Empires here too...

The game starts of with the cat character creator screen, these 2 cats will be the 2 mainstay cats in your colony. It is highly customizable with 8 physical characteristics to choose from. You can also assign their physical attributes like in other RPG games namely - stamina, strength, intellect, and luck. Lastly you can see your cats' unique traits, i forgot if you can choose traits for your main character since i didn't touch them. (aside from Loyal which is locked for your main cats). I'm a lazy decorator so its a good thing they have a randomization button to customize your cats!

You start off your city building like 'Age of Empires', you have a camp in the center of your colony which act as a harvesting point also for resources - like wood, fish, etc. Harvest enough resources lets you build structures like cottages, bath houses, etc.

As you progress and glam up your colony further, cool cats might want to join and be a productive member of your colony! That is important (having more cats!), because you can assign your cats specialized roles - farmer, soldier, carpenter. Choose wisely though, as some cats could be more troublesome and might not get along well with others.

To progress thru the level, just follow the goals listed on the screen. You might have to neutralize some wild animals though, and this is where your soldier cat will come in.

All in all, i think the game gives off a good vibe. Its a very relaxing game to play. (the music might be repetitive though, for now) Of all the recent demos i played in the past few months, i spent most hours playing this because i'm also a fan of builder games like Cities:Skylines, and colony management sims like Prison Architect. Specific to the cat game demos i played, i also like this the most because the other ones where 'platformers' and i suck at those.

This is it for now, i might upload the next level of the demo, which are freeform gameplay. Or wait for the December demo to come out. I might have missed out some things since i played the demo in July, and wrote this in December.

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Written by   8
11 months ago
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