Aula (F2088 Brown) is a terrible mechanical keyboard - buyer's regret

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2 years ago

Aula (F2088 Brown) is a terrible mechanical keyboard - buyer's regret

It wasn't so long ago when i FOMO'd into the RGB + Mechanical keyboard craze.

Found a good deal on Lazada last November 2020, i bought this Aula F2088 keyboard for less than $30! (P1,083 to be exact with discount vouchers, around $22)

So why the hell not...i took a chance for a no-namer with good store reviews, truth be told, i've been eyeing this item for quite some time, it was at the cheapest price at that point when i bought it. And it was almost my birth month and Christmas so it is my gift to myself. I even gave it an excellent review after receiving and using the item.

I was happy with the item, at that time. Here's my IG vid post showing it off -

All is well, right?


It seems we can only really know the quality of a keyboard after a few months of use.

Around February or March 2021, ghosting, and outright intermittent responsiveness of some keys started to occur.

And just like that, my confidence in my touch typing skills went down and i have to check out my typing, especially when typing passwords.

Tried to reach out to them via Lazada, still kinda dead end as they haven't responded to my latest email along with the videos showing the ghosting.

It would be far out for me to expect a full keyboard replacement coming from a Chinese company. But the minimum that i would expect is for them to send me a bunch of extra brown switches that i could replace myself!

My conversation with the company via their Lazada PH storefront. Resent it a few days ago, no replies yet.

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2 years ago


Hi, I faced the same problem too. After several months, my Esc key is ghosting then S, N and Backspace. The LED on D and right arrow also fading to no light at all. Really disappointed with the product. I've contacted the company and they gave me several keys but the LED remain dead.

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2 years ago

good at least they sent you some replacement parts, i haven't received any further correspondence from them ever since and thus no parts where sent to me. all the LEDS are still okay with mine though, but the ghosting persists, sometimes its bad, sometimes it has better days, all in all, the keyboard is still crappy

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2 years ago