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The enemy of life ... Fast food

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5 months ago

There is a famous saying that where there is life, that is, success in every aspect of life depends on your good life (health). And if a person suffers from any kind of disease then surely all the affairs of his life will be badly affected. Surviving diseases in this day and age is no less than fighting a great war. It can be said that as fast as the world is advancing in technology, facilities and science, diseases are also advancing at the same rate and of course The biggest hand in making ourselves a victim of some disease is our own.

Food Delivery, Taste Greed and Party Lust Increase Fast Food Trends Misuse of fast food is increasing the incidence of diseases like Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

Fast food culture became popular in the United States in the 1950's. Today it is the staple food of every country. Our eating habits have changed. Fast food has replaced home food.

Food is a very important component of the human body. In order to live a better life, after working hard day and night, a person needs full nutrition and energy to keep his body moving. What is it ? In fact, it is important to include foods rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, iron and salts in your life in order to gain strength and keep your body fit. Foods that contain all of these ingredients can be considered healthy food. But unfortunately today almost all of us are adopting unhealthy foods, foods that are less compassionate and more troublesome for health, our attitudes towards food and our likes and dislikes have changed radically, mainly due to the rise of fast food. The trend, and our tendency, is to become accustomed to eating new unhealthy foods. Unsafe food, according to a report by the World Health Organization

Fast food changed the diet
Today's world has become a system of fast food abuse, which is having many negative effects on health. The word "fast food" refers to foods that can be prepared and served quickly / in a short time, such as pizza, burgers, shawarma, sandwiches, pasta and others. Even though these foods taste great, their misuse does not benefit health but harms it. While home-cooked meals include ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and spices that are used for hygiene, fast foods include high-fat, high-fat meats, fat-filled mayonnaise, cheese, and a variety of other foods. Excessive use of spices, sodium which is harmful to health. The trend of fast food has increased tremendously in the whole world including Pakistan. Because with the changing times, the needs of human beings are getting simpler and more complex. The man of the first age was happy in the simple bread of two times And young people today prefer fast food to simple foods, both young and old. Especially those who work long shifts, or offices, etc., do not have time to arrange good food, so they go to the nearest restaurant or order and order fast food, which is easy to deliver to the restaurant. Perform Fast food culture first became popular in the United States in the 1950s, and today it has become an integral part of every country's diet.

Why did the trend of unhealthy diet increase?
It is generally said that we all adopt things and habits from the West, so we have also adopted the habit of fast food or unhealthy food from here, fast food people because of its unique taste in a few years. Has become a favorite food, one of the reasons is that nowadays eating in restaurants has become fashionable, young people not only enjoy eating fast food with friends but also upload pictures on social media, facebook whatsapp, instagram By encouraging other young people to eat fast food, they are happy to receive comments from friends and acquaintances. It can be said that it has become a status symbol among the youth. Treat your friends or arrange a birthday party. They prefer fast food and consider it a source of pride. Another major reason is free home delivery, which has slowed down the youth and increased the use of fast food, due to the convenience of free home delivery.

Girls invite their friends home. Similarly, when the country was locked down due to the recent corona virus, all were confined to their homes / hostels, meanwhile fast food home delivery further strengthened their habit. Similarly, apart from fast food, the food business is booming in all the major cities and small towns of the country. Not kept at all. Substandard ghee, oil, too much meat destroys health. According to a report by the World Health Organization, on average, every Pakistani spends about 22% of his income on food. This is promoting unhealthy eating habits.

What do medical experts say?
Medical experts around the world are of the opinion that fast food / junk food / unhealthy food is causing various diseases in human beings while scientific research also shows that this type of food can lead to human, obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. Becomes a victim easily. A report by the Center for Science and Public Interest, an international organization, found that unbalanced diet was the leading cause of heart disease and diabetes.

How to make your diet healthy?
According to a USAID report, obese people consume more white flour than any other grain. White flour contains a small amount of nutrients because of the fine grain shell used to make the flour. This shell has a lot of nutritional value, so the flour that is prepared with this shell has more nutritional value. That is, plain wheat flour, we should include wheat flour in the diet instead of fermented things made from flour. Fruits and vegetables, which are rich in nutrients, must be included in our lives, fast food and other kinds of dishes may not be able to get out of our lives now, but their use must be careful, because moderation It is necessary in every aspect, moderation should also be adopted in food.

In the same way, there is a need to spread awareness among the people who are fully accustomed to it. Intellectuals, doctors and the media have to play an important role in this regard. Simple and traditional foods should be encouraged. Because only by adopting these habits can the diet be made healthy, and a healthy diet is the guarantor of a long and good life

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