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War of the Gods in the Universe-2

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10 months ago

“I thought the road would never end. “Elon said as he threw himself onto the seat. At that time, some were carrying their belongings inside. Arisle Jack was also busy choosing a room for themselves.

"Hey! Why don't you go and buy something to eat if you don't have a more important job than double doves. " Sweat was running down Karl's back as he tried to unload the entire car. Jack said sarcastically, “Of course, your prince, our precious feet are at your disposal. "

“Let's go and explore a little bit around. “Aris said. They took their bags and went out with Jack.

“I feel like I have already moved away from everything and taken the burden of the whole year, I feel this holiday will be good for us,” Jack said as he glanced around on the road. "Oh, there is a grocery store over there," said Aris, he hadn't even listened to Jack speaking. Jack didn't care that he was used to all of this and didn't listen to him. By the time they did the shopping and came home, the others had put everything in place. Then they cooked and ate together, and the sun had already set and the sky had turned dark. All of them were so tired that their silence was added to the darkness of the night, as they did not even have to speak after eating. Just then the wind said, "Get up, that's enough laziness. There is no rest even for a second of vacation. Maybe this could be the last time we were together, and then everyone will go to work somewhere else and it is highly probable - you know that I only use words that show such cultured in serious situations or when picking up girls - we will not be able to meet for a long time, so now everybody gets together and we go to the beach ”Then again "I will tell you the classic of such nights - Mediterranean Evenings," he said, laughing.

"Windsurr" laughed. The silence was broken, and the dark night had turned on its lights, awakened from its sleep. The stars shone on the waves hitting the shore and opposed the darkness. Not far away, Mediterranean evenings (!) Melody sounded on a guitar, laughter and endless conversations… These 6 friends, knowing that they were together for the last time, were reminiscent of the old ones. “Do you remember?…, Once…, Aahhh don't tell him…” they were already drunk with the campfire hitting their faces and the drinks in their hands while they were having fun by telling each other about their memories that started with such sentences.

For a moment the things settled down and they could only hear the fireflies. Meanwhile, Jack said, “I'm really happy to find each other and to have so many good memories. Let's immortalize this moment, ”he said. “Jack, nonsense, nothing is visible in this dark photo, never mind we'll take it tomorrow,” Karl said in a tired voice. Jack broke down a bit, but without further ado, “So let's write our names on the beach. Lütfeeenn ”. Everyone understood that Jack would extend this. Nobody even attempted to protest, they just took a deep breath and got up and walked to the beach.

Aris took a piece of bush and wrote his name on the wet sands of the beach. Then Jack, Rino, Dick, Karl, and Elon also wrote. “Probably the waves will erase our names soon, but we will always remember that we were here,” Jack said. They looked at each other and smiled.

“I think we should honor this night and swim. “The voice was coming from Elon. Everyone hesitated for a moment. But after just a second, Rino had already jumped into the water. Others came after him. They were swimming almost like racing.

After a while, Karl looked back and looked, "Guys, we are so open. We'd better go back ..." Before he could finish his word, a scream broke out. The voice was from Elon. It was as if something was pulling him down, trying to save himself and trying to say something, but he couldn't understand what he was saying because he was constantly sinking. Everyone was panicking. Karl swam towards Elon, trying to hold him, suddenly grabbed a hand from his leg and was trying to pull him down. The others swam towards them hurriedly, but they all found themselves in the same situation. The water began to swirl around them. They were terrified and shouting with all their might, "Help !!, anyone who heard our voices ?? !!, help me !!!". But they were soon withdrawn. The sea stagnated without leaving a trace behind. Or did he quit?

A heartbeat could be heard in the silence of the darkness. The wind was trying to reach the beach by swiping its last powers. His mind was frozen, he was just trying to escape. When he finally reached the shore, he lay on his back, trying to breathe, he only thought of running away and pretending that nothing had happened.He found the strength to rise in himself, when suddenly his pupils grew, without having to lift his head, the hand stretching through a wave finally pulled him and trapped him in the water. When they opened their eyes, they would realize that they were fighting a great battle to feel the nothingness that they existed in the middle of nowhere.

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10 months ago
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