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War of the Gods in the Universe-1

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10 months ago

“Everybody has jealousy, sometimes anger, grudge, sometimes hatred somewhere. What if these ruled you? What if you were stripped of your existence and enslaved or even a slave to the emotion you exalted in your self?

According to legend, the evil god who wanted one of the peoples derived from the tree of life is rejected by the creator god Kayra Khan. The evil god cannot digest this and deceives the people to use the 4 branches of the 9-branch tree of life, which are forbidden to be used by the people. Eje, tbit and snake prohibited branches are used. Kayra Han Eje, who got very angry with this situation, gave birth and labor pain; the responsibility to keep the lineage going; it also gives the snake crawl and drives them into the world The evil god gets so angry that he spreads boasting, selfishness, jealousy into the earth. For this reason they say that every mortal on earth fights with the grudge or hatred of a god. Especially… .. "

“Aaa! Enough, but Jack aren't you tired of reading this bullshit all the time? Let him go now, come on, the food is ready, ”Karl said.

Jack was in the painting department. He said that he had a supernatural drawing talent at every opportunity, and he used to inflate people's heads by mentioning that he did not know anyone in creativity.

Karl rolled his eyes and said, "How can you be in art and be so lacking in listening to any writing?"

Jack was the youngest of the house, studying agricultural engineering. In the cafe where he started working because his financial situation was not very good, he met Jon, who was working there. Their love, which continued with a series of deception and lies, and therefore turned into a snake story, started like this.

And then the bell rang, it was Elan. Before Jack had to say welcome, Elan said, "Mmmm… The fragrances are coming, I wash my hands and come to the kitchen immediately."

Elan… He was so beautiful that while looking at his face, it was impossible to listen to what he was saying. Moreover, he was too aware of this issue to be modest. He studied law at a private school where his father made a fortune every year.

Elan and Jack graduated from the same high school and stayed in a dormitory for the first year in their new city. Their roommates were Jack, whom they had never met before. Although they didn't know Jon at first, over time, the energy of these three girls was so harmonious that they even went to a house together in the following years.

Elan was already in the kitchen. "Well, is everything ready, we go out at night," he said while eating.

Jack said, "We are ready with Jon. I also spoke to Elan.

With the wind, they met and became close friends at the horse club Aron went to, where they enrolled while Karl was studying architecture. Through Aron and Jon, they also became friends with Karl and Jon. Over the years, they got closer as they went to holidays, festivals and parties together. Now, in honor of the graduation of all but Jon and Aron, they would rent a big house by the sea and set off for a long vacation.

Before long the bell rang. Aron was at the door. "Come on, darling," he said to Karl. “The children buy something to eat for the journey. Be quick on you girls. We arrived 1 hour late, you still haven't recovered. "

Jon said, "Don't talk too much and put them in the car," and put the suitcases in Aron's hand. When they got downstairs, Jon and Robert had arrived. While they were putting their luggage together, they chatted a little and got into the car, and the journey of these 6 friends' destinies began.

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Written by   1
10 months ago
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