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My first dollar on the internet

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1 month ago

My first dollar on the internet

As the epidemic of coronavirus - COVID - hit my country

last March, 19 jobs were decreasing and many of us were

fired because it didn't pay off for companies to keep us

employed while a state of emergency and a ban were

introduced in the country. movements.

I was sitting at home and thinking about what to do now,

there is no work and less money, I googled on the Internet

and saw that there is internet earnings, I decided to try

and try, I came across many sites that did not pay off, I

miraculously came across the site if well I remember

kliove se klikosterija it is some ptc site where I earned

literally $ 2 in a month literally nothing but I was

somehow happy if the site paid me off.

I have $ 2 and what to do with it looking for on the

group's Facebook for internet earnings i came across some

doubler sites there i invested all $ 2 and in 72 hours i

had 4 it didn't take long the site may have paid off some

7.8 days after it became a scam, looking by groups i saw

people doing buy, invest in cryptocurrencies, I tried

myself in some matrix AdsEarnETH my sponsor man when I

asked what it is and referred me to the system, and

explained what a matrix is ​​and how to find members how to

advertise, I started to promote the site on Facebook

groups on sites who offered an advertising system and

there I earned my first cryptocurrency ETH in the amount

of $ 70 after the flow I continued to collect and earn

cryptocurrencies, I changed my eth for btc in the amount

of $ 20 I started to invest

in passive earnings now after 10 months of working and

learning about internet jobs and earnings I can say that I

am too satisfied and would never change the crypto world.

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Written by   4
1 month ago
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