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Wild horses in the mountains of Serbia

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8 months ago

Sometimes more, sometimes less, mostly, a herd of about thirty horses survives, no matter how cold the winters were on this mountain. It is a real pleasure to watch them proudly run on the snow, showing their superiority and nature.

The harsh mountain conditions, especially in the winter, do not support the survival of semi-wild horses. Inaccessible and often snow-covered forest roads and trails make it impossible for owners and other lovers to visit them in the snow and bring them food.

- It was critical in February five years ago when a large, almost unnoticed snow attacked. Then, with the help of police helicopters, we delivered bulky food to the horses. But horses know every rock, every peak on the mountain, they know where there is lee and where they can take shelter when a cold, mountain wind starts blowing. Nature is a miracle.

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