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Make the Most of the Opportunity

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4 months ago

One afternoon, that a man was accompanying his daughter to play in a park. This man just sat on a park bench watching his daughter play happily. Every afternoon, he always makes time to accompany his daughter to play.

One day, a woman sat next to him. They got to know each other and had a pleasant conversation. After a while, the man looked at his watch and called out to his daughter who was playing on the swing. He said, "Come on, kid. It's time to go home."

The daughter shook his head and pleaded with his father, “5 more minutes, dad. 5 more minutes."

The man nodded his head and continued the conversation with the woman earlier. The woman asked, "Is she your daughter." He nodded his head and said, "Yes."

A few moments later, he again called his daughter, "It's time to go home, kid."

The child again begged, “5 more minutes. Please, five more minutes, father."

He just smiled and said, “Okay, 5 more minutes.

The woman then said, “You are a kind and patient father. Not many parents are as patient as you.

He then told the tragic incident that happened to his son. He recalled, “A few years ago, my son died when he was hit by a drunk driver. I never took the time to accompany him to play. Since then, I promise not to make such a mistake again. Now I have free time to watch and accompany my daughter to play. I will make the most of this precious time.

He continued, "When he says 5 more minutes, it means I have 5 more minutes to see him play happily."

Message to readers:

Opportunities sometimes don't come a second time. If we do realize this, we should make the most of the opportunity before regretting it later.

Often we turn a blind eye to the good opportunities that come our way. But when the opportunity is lost, we become sorry why we didn't take the opportunity earlier. Everything was too late. What happened is past and will not happen again. Regret will not be a solution, it will only add to the problem.

Remember, good opportunities will always come your way. It all depends on us whether we are willing to accept or reject it. Often good opportunities are ones we have wasted. Valuable opportunities are often the ones we regret today. All these opportunities may not be repeated.

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Written by   11
4 months ago
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