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Learning Life From Animals

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3 months ago

Even though humans are the noblest creatures and occupy the highest place, it doesn't mean that animals can't teach us something about life and success. Anything in this world can be used as inspiration, even animals. On this occasion, I will share a lesson about success that you can see in the lives of animals.

1. Butterfly

The butterfly metamorphoses from a caterpillar into a cocoon and when the cocoon breaks, a butterfly with colorful wings emerges. But you know if you try to help open the cocoon so that the butterfly can get out easily, then you have already harmed the butterfly. Why? Because the wings become weak so they are not strong enough to fly. The cocoons are difficult to tear, so it takes a lot of force to get out of them. And when he made it out, his wings were strong enough to take him flying. So the difficulty of getting out of the cocoon makes the butterfly strong when it comes out. We can learn that adversity makes humans stronger and more resilient in navigating a life that is sometimes hard and full of obstacles.

2. Dog

For those of you who have read the story or watched the film about a dog named Hachiko, you will know that dogs are very loyal animals to their masters. Even in the United States, dogs are the closest animal to humans. I once read a news story in America that a man died when he was hit by a car on the road near his house. While lying down, a pet dog approached him until the man died. In the following days the dog, as if in great sorrow, lay down on the road at the exact time and place where the master lay lifeless every day. Although dogs are animals in general, their loyalty deserves to be followed and imitated.

3. Chameleon

When we hear the name of the chameleon, what comes to our mind is that this animal has a special ability, which is to change its body color according to the colors in its surroundings. If it is in the leaves, the chameleon's body will turn green, and so on. The purpose of the camouflage is so that he can survive the pursuit of predators. Without this ability, chameleons will not be able to survive for long. This chameleon's camouflage teaches us to adapt to environmental changes. If we don't change, we will be carried away by the currents of life. Life always changes dynamically all the time and sometimes we have to be ready for some changes that occur in this life.

4. Ants

Have you ever seen an ant working alone? Rarely or never, right? One of the characteristics of ants is that they always work in groups. Try you put a little sugar, then a few moments later hundreds of ants will be swarming. They work together to lift the sugar into their nests. That is the power of a good partnership. Good cooperation produces satisfying work with extraordinary results. That is also an important key for a football team to win matches. Even if it's a big star-studded team, without good teamwork, they're unlikely to win.

5. Giraffe

Once born a giraffe cub can not immediately walk. The mother giraffe has to kick her cubs many times to get up. If it still doesn't rise, the mother giraffe kicks harder, especially the legs so that the cubs get up quickly. The goal is that the child can quickly stand, walk and run to save themselves from the pursuit of predators. That's why mother giraffes must teach their cubs to save themselves because they also have to save themselves and cannot simultaneously help their cubs if predators come. Running and saving themselves were the most important things they had to master. The lesson we can take from the giraffe is that we must prepare ourselves for this eventuality. As the saying goes, prepare an umbrella before it rains. Otherwise, we are often too late when it happens.

Hopefully, this article is useful, and don't forget to share.

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Written by   11
3 months ago
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