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Be Selfish In The Most Elegant Way

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8 months ago

I've always loved clouds. White, sometimes black. Occasionally gray but always orange at dusk. Move wherever the wind blows, but occasionally gather and provide shade.

For a long time, I liked being alone, but I also didn't hate being together. Rarely voiced, but lots of stories when it's time. I do not know, my instability is too acute to describe in words. Because of this character, I was once plotted as a traitor and "disloyal". Do not want to fight together, but still accept and enjoy the same results.

It may be true that fighting for rights is everyone's duty. At least by struggling, someone will feel that his pride is not trampled by the other. But every human being has his way of justifying his actions. As well as I. If likened to me is a cloud, then what turns into the wind is the heart.

Selfish…! Certain.

I am someone who is quite selfish and stubborn when it comes to happiness. For me, being happy is something that I do with my heart. If I don't like it in my heart, then it's hard for me to feel “happy” while doing it.

Maybe you call it "fighting for rights", but for me, it's nothing more than "complaining". Moreover, your heroic actions are only visible as expressions of anger and disappointment in my eyes. Plus you can easily insult and say "disloyal" without knowing the real reason.

I'm not saying what you guys are fighting for is wrong. Even I understand very well that the struggle you are doing is for the happiness of many people too. But that doesn't mean what I did was wrong. In fact, each of us does not have a definite formula for being right in a mortal world.

Moreover, humans are perfect beings who can justify their selfishness in the most elegant way according to him. Isn't that how it is?

Maybe our point of view is different. Between fighting for and living something as it is. Maybe the result will be the same. It remains how we have a share in addressing and expressing it. After all, each of us also wants to be happy, regardless of how to live it and how to achieve it.

It's not that life is a choice. Even choosing to "not vote" is also an option, right? Then what are you fighting about? Again the “cloud” character made me more selfish and stubborn. But strangely, I like it.

Because life wouldn't be more beautiful if all the players were the main role. It takes at least a supporting role and an antagonist role so that it becomes a story. It's okay if you are angry and disappointed. Just enjoy the situation. One day you will understand the meaning of "happy" where I am. Of course, by looking at it from a different point of view.

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Written by   11
8 months ago
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