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3 years ago

One's condition should not be judged by one's condition.\n\n People with depression live normal lives like everyone else. Seeing them, no one will understand what is going on among them. They also end the day with laughter and jokes like everyone else. If no one knows them, they will say for sure how happy he is in life. Say no or why, he laughs so much all day and makes everyone laugh. Like a Joker 6. How many funny posts on Facebook.\n They have a good day. As the night deepens, so does their depression. Loneliness pervades everything. When everyone is asleep, their eyes are still sleepless. I think sleep has probably left them. I think if there is no backwardness, the world will leave Maya today.\nThis is how their days may end, or maybe one day their depression will end. Until then, someone lives in that hope, someone is lost before or before.

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