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Top 2 Captcha Typing Job Sites for Students.

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7 months ago

Captcha typing job are pretty easy and enjoyable to do. Anyone can do this of job from home. No one need to go out for executing this job. Captcha typing jobs means you will get introduced some of captcha's and you will get money by solving those captcha's.

There will different types captcha's are available, like as-

  • re-CAPTCHA

  • Image CAPTCHA

  • Text CAPTCHAs

  • Gimpy

  • EZ-Gimpy

  • Gimpy-r

  • Simard's HIP

there are a lot of types more than I include.

The site I like to earn money by solving captcha is 2Captcha website. And the other site is Kolotibablo. The second site is much efficient than the first one because its produce much money than the first one and its payment time is also so fast. So I would like to recommend you guys to have a check on those sites beacuse I already have earned a lotta money from there. If you want more information then you can google it or search on youtube.

thanks a lot.

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