Top 9 NFT Collector DAOs

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

1. Flamingo


  • In order to investigate new investment options for ownable, blockchain-based assets, Flamingo is an NFT-focused DAO

  • NFTs don’t solely include cat images, they include tangible items such as in-game items, collectibles, and digital artwork

  • The creation, monetization, and encouragement of online digital content will increasingly benefit from the contribution of these new types of intellectual property

  • Because NFTs are non-interchangeable, they create a new kind of scarcity in the digital sphere



  • NEON will support and further develop the metaverse’s vision

  • Virtual worlds with infinitely expandable economies and digital identities, as well as its own architecture, avatars, and events, are what the internet will look like in the future

  • The collective NEON exists to assist this expanding ecology

3. Fingerprints DAO


  • A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that promotes blockchain art is called Fingerprints

  • They collect works of art that investigate the inventive potential of blockchain technology

  • Leading digital artists receive commissions and support from the DAO for their latest works

  • As of right now, Fingerprints is home to 26 Autoglyphs, the third-largest collection in the entire world

  • The DAO quickly broadened its scope to include collecting important smart contract-based works of art by a variety of artists

4. Poseidon NFT DAO


  • Poseidon NFT DAO, which invests in the crypto space, is The Fund With The Greatest Potential and is ready to seize the greatest new financial opportunity in recorded history

  • This DAO class adopts a long-term perspective and focuses on the top NFT art investments

  • The selection method is based on ongoing NFTs market analysis, with a global consideration for artists, to never miss an opportunity

  • The goal is to purchase a diversity of artworks from well-known artists and collectibles from coveted collections

5. ReidarDAO


  • With more than 75 partners, ReidarDAO is an investment group with a focus on distributing capital to non-fungible assets and cryptocurrencies

  • They have weekly meetings, talk every day, and advance together

  • ReidarDAO membership is by invitation only, but they are actively seeking the most aspirational, driven, and passionate individuals who want to shape the future of web3

6. Arts DAO


  • The following 3 pillars make up the collectors DAO and Web 3.0 business known as Arts DAO:

Community — Largest Web 3.0 Community in the Middle East

Consulting — Web 3.0 Consulting & Advisory

Capital — Group Investments in Capital & Art Collection

  • The Arts DAO community events, which are hosted regularly at upscale locales in Dubai and bring together a group of senior futurists, entrepreneurs, collectors, investors, and artists, will be open to token holders

  • Members are given access to complimentary food and beverages

7. PalmDAO


  • The goal of PalmDAO is to advance the metaverse, the greatest NFTs are gathered, and they use them to build game-ready assets

  • Consider avatars, structures, music, wearables, cars, weapons, emotes, and a wide range of other things

  • These resources are accessible to DAO members in Nifty Island and other virtual environments

  • Consider PalmDAO as a collective of forerunners in the metaverse, a DAO for collecting, and a decentralized studio for outstanding game-ready assets all in one



  • A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called RAW was founded on the Ethereum mainnet with the aim of establishing new standards for curating, gathering, and advancing NFT photographs

  • It started out as a Fingerprints DAO incubator but has since grown into its own community

9. GrailersDAO


  • A community called GrailersDAO is dedicated to promoting and collecting expensive “grail” NFTs (with a particular affinity for generative art and Art Blocks)

  • They want to help the generative art community as a whole and individual generative artists

  • The ultimate form of generative art, NFTs, are what GrailersDAO seeks to collect, they are known as “grails”




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