Top 8 NFT Investment Funds

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Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

1. Sfermion (Fund 1)


  • Sfermion, an investment company specializing in the metaverse, was established in 2019

  • By investing in the entrepreneurs, businesses, and protocols building the environments and infrastructure that will serve as the foundations of their digital future, they hope to hasten the emergence of the metaverse

2. Meta4 NFT Fund 1


  • They are an investment business that takes a thesis-driven approach to investing in the immersive internet, with a focus on how blockchain technology reimagines how “value” might be created and transmitted

  • They think non-fungible tokens are the entry point to a successful Web 3.0

3. 1confirmation


  • 1confirmation, a top cryptocurrency investment firm with over $1 billion in assets under management, was founded in 2017

  • With investments in companies like Opensea, Coinbase, dYdX, and many more, 1c focuses on being a great partner for founders while making investments at the cutting edge of the cryptocurrency market

4. NFT Fund (by Wave Financial)


  • Their goal is to serve as a link between conventional asset management and the cutting-edge technology underlying digital assets and blockchain

  • Wave Financial does this by bringing together creative individuals, intelligent investors, and forward-thinking ideas to assist investors in realizing the full potential of digital assets

  • All information about their funds, risks, and legal framework is openly disclosed to all investors

5. Arca NFT Fund I (by Arca)


  • The Arca NFT Fund I, which had a $50 million maximum and was only accessible to current Arca LPs, was announced today by Arca, an asset management company that specializes in investing in and inventing in digital assets

  • The Endeavor Fund, an early-stage, closed-end venture fund with a focus on funding creative founders across multiple facets of the ecosystem for digital assets, was introduced by Arca in October

  • The flagship Digital Assets Fund and the Arca Digital Yield Fund, the first actively managed income fund in the digital assets market, are now joined by the Arca NFT Fund, bringing the total number of hedge fund products available from Arca to four

6. Curated


  • NFTs open up a brand-new avenue for internet-scale cultural investment

  • Curated gathers the best resources and occasionally works directly with the artists who created them

  • The NFT asset fund Curated, founded by Andrew Jiang and Todd Goldberg, is supported by many of the top investors, developers, and builders in the market right now

7. Delphi INFINFT


  • NFT’s are redefining digital ownership rights, as well as how creators are connecting with their communities

  • There is supporting infrastructure that needs to be constructed in parallel with the expansion of the NFT market

  • This fund aims to identify the protocols that are advancing the NFT area and creating the required infrastructure

  • The top teams in the NFT industry will be identified, and they’ll work to provide them with the tools they need to thrive in the ecosystem

8. Kutoa Capital


  • Dean and Maxwell Karlan, a father-and-son team, are the principals of the digital asset investing company Kutoa Capital

  • They’ll be entering the digital market in 2022 and assisting clients with investing in digital assets with an emphasis on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies

  • Kutoa will employ a wide range of techniques, both short- and long-term, quantitative and subjective, in its goal to become a pioneer in the field of investing in digital assets




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