Top 5 Crypto Exchanges that have never been hacked — SECURITY SERIES

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Since they became widely accepted two years ago, cryptocurrencies have drawn a variety of investors from all around the world. The crypto industry has drawn hackers’ attention as a result of the acceleration in growth, and the number of hacking incidents is also rising at a similar rate. There are many well-known cryptocurrency exchanges that have experienced security breaches in the past.

However, there are some that managed to stay secure. Here are five cryptocurrency exchanges that have never been hacked in the past.

1. Bybit

  • One of the cryptocurrency exchanges with the quickest expansion is called Bybit

  • In contrast to many well-known brands, it has never been compromised, and many users respect it for its dependable security

  • Bybit allows traders from worldwide to trade with leverage for a higher profit margin

  • Bybit’s P2P platform facilitates the purchasing and selling of two users’ shares at an optimal, agreed-upon price, with more than 80 payment methods supported

  • Debit cards, credit cards, in-person cash payments, and other options are available

2. Phemex

  • Phemex, has never been the victim of a significant breach

  • The exchange features a user-friendly interface and daily trading volume for Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies that are respectable

  • In times of high volatility, the exchange is well known for providing Gold/USD trading pairs, which enable cryptocurrency traders access to a different market

  • Phemex Exchange is also one of the most affordable cryptocurrency exchanges available and is quite open about its fees

3. PrimeXBT

  • Another exchange that has never let down its users in terms of security is PrimeXBT

  • Users have access to many markets through it, including cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, and commodities

  • The exchange is easy to navigate and is a great choice for beginners

  • One of PrimeXBT Covesting’s standout features is its copy trading function, which enables users to easily copy the trades of their preferred cryptocurrency traders

4. Kraken

  • Another significant bitcoin trading platform that has earned its name on its capacity to safeguard consumers’ money is Kraken

  • Since the beginning, Kraken has been focused entirely on security

  • This is not surprising considering that both of the platform’s founders are bitcoin security researchers who were hired to evaluate the damage caused by the $460 million Mt. Gox collapse

  • One reason why Kraken has attracted so many customers over the years is that it is one of the oldest cryptocurrency platforms that has not had a hack

5. Gemini

  • Another popular exchange that has never been breached by hackers is Gemini

  • It is a platform with excellent security records as well as insurance to protect the value of its digital assets

  • Gemini is a trading platform made for both novice and experienced traders

  • Depending on one’s level of trading knowledge, it offers a number of alternative interfaces




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