Top 5 Blockchain Companies Integrating with the Film Industry

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Photo by Noom Peerapong on Unsplash

Different firms are embracing the blockchain’s potential to finance movies, develop smart contracts, and distribute content. If you want to distribute your film on the blockchain here are five companies integrating with the blockchain and film industry.

1. SingularDTV

  • A blockchain entertainment studio called SingularDTV is building the groundwork for a decentralized entertainment sector

  • SingularDTV’s platform equips artists and creators with strong tools to manage projects from development to distribution by creating the future of rights management, project funding, and peer-to-peer distribution

  • Films being distributed through SingularDTV: Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain directed by Alex Winter

2. Vevue

  • Vevue is a cutting-edge social media software that pays users and media creators for their participation

  • Their ecosystem offers customers a “earn money first” strategy by utilizing blockchain technologies, such as micropayments

  • Vevue pays you for your content not in a monthly check in the mail way, in the blockchain totally instant way

  • Films being distributed through Vevue: No Postage Necessary, a romantic comedy directed by Jeremy Culver

3. Ara Blocks

  • In Ara Blocks all content is decentralized, secure, owned, distributed, paid for, and rewarded between peers

  • By using underutilized processing, storage, and bandwidth, Ara Blocks enables every device in the world to simultaneously join a global supercomputer, database, and delivery network

  • Using Ara Blocks you can distribute content on your own terms

4. FilmChain

  • FilmChain is the first automated collecting solution that transparently and effectively gathers, distributes, and analyzes income for film, television, and digital content

  • FilmChain is the first collection service to leverage blockchain technology to automate payments, reduce the expense of collecting and distributing film revenue, and greatly speed up the money flow from beginning to finish

  • In FilmChain blockchain is used as a security measure; no cryptocurrencies are used

5. Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment (SVE)

  • A Swedish start-up called Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment was established with the intention of revolutionizing the current approach to movie distribution

  • They think that blockchain technologies can dramatically increase the amount of content that is available to viewers worldwide, bring much-needed transparency and accountability to the process of distributing films and content, and open up new avenues for rights holders to expand their audiences and monetize their collections




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