Top 15 Ways to Earn Crypto for Free

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Are you looking for strategies to obtain free cryptocurrency without making any purchases? In such a case, you are where you need to be. You can obtain free cryptocurrency through a few different techniques without spending a single cent. This article will cover the famous sites which support earning crypto for free.

1. TimeBucks

  • TimeBucks is a reward site where you can earn real money for doing jobs and activities that you currently undertake on a daily basis

  • You can make money by doing surveys, viewing movies, voting, installing free apps, playing games, taking pictures, growing a beard, performing web searches, and many other activities

  • TimeBucks is distinct from other reward sites in that they pay in cash rather than gift cards, as well TimeBucks is free to join, and there is also a referral program where you may earn money for introducing your friends

  • They also pay weekly via PayPal with a cheap $10 minimum payout, TimeBucks provides you with your own specialized account manager to assist you in earning as much money as possible

2. BTCBux

  • BTCBux is the most profitable Bitcoin reward network, offering users numerous methods to earn free Bitcoin, such as viewing ads, completing tasks, playing games, watching movies, and so on

  • To earn with BTCBux you only need to register an account on BTCBux and complete the tasks they provide on the website

3. Coinbase

  • Coinbase, one of the world’s top crypto exchanges, has a fantastic learn-to-earn crypto program to earn that free crypto

  • To participate, create a Coinbase account, navigate to LEARN tab, watch videos, answer quiz questions and earn from the programs you learn about in the form of airdrops or free NFTs

4. DreamN

  • In these hard times, the DreamN application is the tool you need to help you get the most out of your sleep and promote a restful night’s sleep

  • By fusing Social-Fi and Game-Fi components, their program aims to reward users who receive a good night’s sleep and encourage a regular sleep pattern by offering them prizes

  • They are a group that believes there is a chance to develop a tool that would let people generate passive revenue while they sleep

5. Awesome miner

  • Awesome miner is a complex cryptocurrency mining tool with a variety of advanced features, pool compatibility, and a large list of mineable coins

  • Awesome miner is a platform for managing cryptocurrency mining operations

  • The feature-rich system provides a comprehensive solution that is suitable for both big and small-scale mining operations

  • Prohashing, Nanopool, 2Miners, zpool miner, NemosMiner, and Ethermine are among the greatest and most popular mining pools that the Awesome miner program supports

6. NiceHash

  • NiceHash is an open marketplace that connects hashing power suppliers or miners with hashing power consumers

  • Buyers choose the crypto-currency they want to mine, the pool they want to mine on, the price they’re prepared to pay, and then place the order

  • This order is then forwarded to everyone who has a NiceHash Miner or other mining hardware connected to NiceHash (like ASICs)

  • The processing power you give will complete the buyer’s order, and you will be compensated for your effort

7. Yield Guild Games (YGG)

  • Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a DAO that holds a huge number of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are utilized in virtual worlds and blockchain-based games

  • Guild members use these in-game assets to play games and generate revenue

  • The YGG community has self-organized into a succession of smaller guilds and SubDAOs, each focusing on a single game or geographic region

8. Good Games Guild

  • Good Games Guild is a gaming hub with the goal of sponsoring millions of play-to-earn players, investing in play-to-earn games and their in-game assets, and developing tools to improve the future of gaming and the metaverse

9. Binance Learn and Earn

  • Binance, as the world’s largest crypto exchange, has a fantastic learn and earn crypto program

  • Only new Binance users who sign up and verify their account within three days are eligible for the Binance to learn and earn program

10. The Sandbox Game

  • A Sandbox environment is a virtual computer that may run potentially dangerous software code without disrupting network resources or local applications in the area of cybersecurity

  • Sandboxes are used by cybersecurity researchers to run suspicious programs from unknown attachments and URLs and examine how it behaves

  • If the code duplicates itself, tries to contact a command-and-control site, installs further software, encrypts critical data, and so on, these are all red flags

  • This is a virtual environment with no network, data, or other apps, security teams can securely “detonate” code to see how it works and whether it is harmful

11. Sorare

  • Sorare is a Blockchain-based fantasy soccer game in which you may earn rewards for creating your team, competing in virtual tournaments, and trading virtual collector cards.

  • All you have to do is pick your favourite team, and you’ll be rewarded if your players do well in real life.

12. Helium

  • Helium is a global hotspot network that provides public, long-range wireless connectivity for IoT devices

  • Hotspots are rewarded in $HNT, the Helium blockchain’s native coin

  • The public and open-source Helium blockchain, with the help of a global community of hotspot owners, has resulted in the development of the world’s largest decentralized wireless network

13. Publish0x

  • Publish0x is a crypto-agnostic publishing platform like Medium that compensates both authors and readers

  • Readers can earn by sending a tip to the authors they want to support while retaining a smaller percentage for themselves

  • Thus, the reader and the author both receive free tips from the shared reward pool, which is sustained by ad revenue

14. Bulb

  • BULB was formed with the goal of creating a community where people are rewarded for their ideas, passion, and involvement

  • BULB is a to-earn blogging platform on the Solana blockchain

  • They’re on a mission to make the principles of write-to-earn (W2E) and read-to-earn (R2E) more widely known


  • Read Cash allows you to write and create content as either simple social posts or full-blown articles

  • The operation is quite easy; all you have to do is write blogs/posts on any topic and readers will vote for them

  • Readers will tip Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) incentives will be given out based on those votes




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