Top 10 NFT Platforms in the MIDDLE EAST

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NFT platforms are built by partnerships with governments, companies, and non-profit organizations to support access to digital currency in emerging economies. The NFT market in the Middle East is growing rapidly, with the demand for NFTs from gamers and collectors.

1. BitKeep


  • In a single location, BitKeep unifies Wallet, Swap, NFT Market, DApp, and Discover as the best decentralized multi-chain digital wallet in Asia.

  • With a user base of approximately five million users spread across 168 countries and territories, BitKeep established a strategic alliance with several of the top 30 main nets, becoming their approved wallet (including Polygon, Solana, BSC, ETH, HECO, OKChain, TRON, Fantom, WAX, IOST, AVAX, and zkSync).

  • With support for more than 220,000 tokens, 1,000,000 NFTs, 10,000 DApps, and 70+ main nets, BitKeep is committed to building the biggest Web3.0 gateway on the planet.

2. Blockparty


  • Digital products made by your favourite companies and artists.

  • Create a storefront of your own or gather NFTs.

  • Our Web 3.0 toolkit enables companies and creators to produce verifiably distinctive, interconnected products that benefit and delight their fans both online and offline.

  • Create and manage your Non-Fungible Digitally Traceable Unique Items and Multiple Editions (NFTs).

  • Directly sell or auction your items, or raise awareness of your limited-edition Drop. Receive payment in both USD and ETH.

  • Flexible Minting on Blockparty, Ethereum, and/or Flow can reduce minting costs and environmental impact.



  • A special collection of goods and services related to artists, fans of digital art, investors, startup founders and musicians.

  • Every creator included on the platform is either selected by the executive board or voted for by the community, according to the marketplace’s strict selection policy.

  • As a result, each artist using the platform receives genuine unique treatment as well as the team’s and the community’s undivided attention.

4. NFT-X


  • The platform NFT-X is where digital art is commercialized.

  • Traditional forms of digital art like songs, images, and movies as well as more contemporary forms like tweets, reels, images of paintings and 3D animations are included.

5. VeVe


  • Limited edition VeVe digital collectables are available for purchase, sale, and trade using the VeVe app.

  • They can also be upgraded and modified, displayed in virtual showrooms and shared on social media.

  • To display your digital valuables and to interact with other VeVe collectors worldwide; create and personalize online showrooms.

  • FPS-style movement in your virtual showrooms through your phone is also possible.

  • Alternatively, you may use augmented reality to make your showrooms come to life so you can actually walk through them.

6. OKX


  • The market leader in cryptocurrency trading instruments and pairs for investors worldwide is OKX (previously OKEx).

  • They are the largest reputable cryptocurrency marketplace in the world to buy BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP and many other digital assets with over 20 million traders in more than 200 countries.

  • Find the best rates and quickest conversions by quickly converting more than 30 local currencies into BTC, ETH, USDT, or other cryptocurrencies using your Visa, Mastercard, or other easy payment options.

  • OKX provide spot, margin, futures, options, perpetual swaps trading, Defi, lending, and mining services.

7. SolSea


  • In the initial NFT market where makers can pick and include licenses when they mint NFTs, collectors and creators both know what they are purchasing and selling.

  • The first minting platform that enables producers to include copyright licenses into NFTs is SolSea.

  • With extremely cheap fees, SolSea enables minting, listing, and transactions in SOL, USDC, and USDT.

  • Every fully minted validated collection’s rarity rank, score, and trait statistics are calculated by SolSea.

  • Creators have the option of making their listed NFTs for sale available to the public or only privately through SolSea.

8. OpenSea


  • The largest digital market in the world for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), such as ERC721 and ERC1155, and crypto collectibles.

  • Axies, ENS names, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, and other unique digital assets are available for purchase, sale, and discovery. establishing new economies driven by genuine digital ownership.

  • The first and biggest marketplace for user-owned digital products, such as collectibles, gaming items, domain names, digital art, and other assets supported by a blockchain, is called OpenSea.

  • They at OpenSea are eager about a brand-new category of digital products known as a non-fungible token, or NFT.

9. FTX


  • A cryptocurrency exchange created by traders for traders is called FTX.

  • FTX provides cutting-edge products, such as leveraged tokens, options, volatility products, and derivatives that are top in the market.

  • They work hard to create a platform that is both reliable for expert trading organizations and user-friendly for newcomers.

  • FTX is pleased to have partnered and worked together with numerous prime cryptocurrency companies.

  • The goal when FTX was founded was to support the world’s top charitable organisations.

10. Venly


  • Introduce their simple-to-use Wallet services to the users.

  • Utilize the full potential of their NFT marketplace and technologies.

  • For their collection of blockchain goods, they support the largest blockchain layers.

  • They concentrate on tokens, both fungible and non-fungible tokens(NFTs).

  • Your blockchain project has a trustworthy partner with its robust wallet, minting, and market APIs.




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