Top 10 Influential DAOs and What They Represent

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The DAO movement is on fire. And the trend isn’t slowing down: we’re seeing more DAOs spring up everyday, in every industry and around the world. But what exactly are these new organizations? And how can you find your own DAO? Here are our top 10 most influential DAOs to watch out for in 2022:

1. Uniswap

  • In September 2020, Uniswap introduced its governance token and solidified its position as a significant DAO

  • As the top DAO project, Uniswap’s main features centre on the DeFi tool for Uniswap users, which is community-controlled

  • The wider implications of Uniswap DAO have made waves in the cryptocurrency community

2. Maker

  • Maker focuses on bringing real assets into the world of cryptocurrency

  • In actuality, the DAO Maker token seeks to develop into DeFi’s biggest central bank

  • It also emphasizes developing DAI, the biggest decentralized stablecoin

  • With its algorithmic stablecoin DAI, Maker has demonstrated significant potential as the biggest central bank in the DeFi


  • With investments totalling over $2.5 billion in various DeFi projects, BitDAO is the largest DeFi treasury in the entire world

  • The distinctive reputation of BitDAO in the DAO ecosystem is largely a result of its creative prowess

  • BitDAO is one of the promising DAO examples that has attracted the attention of major investors

4. Aragon

  • Aragon is focused on giving users the freedom to communicate with anybody, from anywhere, using a DAO infrastructure

  • The Aragon DAO token, ANT, allows token holders to indicate their approval or disagreement with decisions that affect operations

  • One of the most popular DAO tokens is provided by Aragon, enabling token holders to start or join DAOs with Aragon as their base

  • The Aragon Fundraising project likewise emphasizes giving DAO members the authority to raise money for their group

5. Dash

  • Another illustration of how the top DAO project might drive DeFi’s future is Dash

  • It is a decentralized digital payment initiative with the goal of providing transactions that are as quick as Bitcoin

  • Dash, the DAO’s utility token, has recently displayed encouraging growth

  • There are currently over 10.27 million DASH tokens in use

  • Dash has been utilizing tremendous growth opportunities, particularly given the significant need for anonymous transactions

6. Compound

  • Compound is a DeFi startup that offers consumers passive income opportunities in addition to crypto lending alternatives

  • With price increases, Compound’s utility token, COMP, has established a strong reputation among DAO tokens

  • Compound now has a market value of $1.22 billion, providing a solid basis for future growth

7. Curve DAO

  • Curve DAO, an autonomous market maker system, controls liquidity and concentrates on exchanging assets of the same value

  • If you pay close attention, the Curve DAO token strengthens the entire Curve financial platform

  • The skills of Curve DAO as an automated liquidity provider and market maker open up new possibilities for its uses in the coming years of DeFi

8. Aave

  • Aave is a decentralized, open-source money market platform that offers a wide range of debt-based products

  • Aave, which was created on the Ethereum network, supports Ether, stablecoins, and ERC-20 tokens

  • Through the utilization of liquidity pools, Aave enables users to generate passive income from their digital assets

  • The Aave protocol, one of the best DAO projects for running a cutting-edge money market, has adopted the DAO style of governance

9. 0x

  • 0x is an open protocol that enables asset exchange between peers using the Ethereum network

  • 0x made the decision to adopt the DAO governance model in April 2021, giving rise to 0x DAO

  • 0x and it's native token ZRX have the potential to rule the DAO market as an independent cryptocurrency exchange powered by open-source smart contracts

10. Decred

  • When looking for the greatest DAO project that fits your demands, Decred is another top platform that comes to mind

  • In order to address Bitcoin’s scalability problem, the platform’s native token, DCR, functions as a cryptocurrency

  • Decred uses its native currency to give the community the ability to vote on the project’s destiny, leveraging the DAO concept

  • The fact that Decred is entirely autonomous and decentralized, which leaves minimal room for a hard fork, is maybe the most significant aspect of all

  • The combination of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus techniques is another intriguing feature of Decred and DCR coins, among other top DAO tokens




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