Top 10 Crypto Movies to Add to Your Watchlist

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Watching cryptocurrency movies is one of the most entertaining ways to learn about cryptocurrencies in today’s world. You can enjoy the storyline and the essential elements of the crypto information presented in crypto movies. Adding these movies to your watchlist will give you a fun experience plus a chance to learn more about crypto.

1. Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

  • Despite the fact that movies frequently discuss bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, very less is spoken about blockchain technology and its applications

  • The incredible technology known as blockchain is revolutionizing the security and preservation of online material

  • Therefore, Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain was developed to celebrate its incredible mechanism

  • Viewers can have a comprehensive understanding of the blockchain network, including its history, development process, global applications, etc. by watching the film

  • This film walks you through the benefits of distributed ledger technology and presents some expert viewpoints personally

2. Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It

  • Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know was published in 2015

  • It discusses money, cryptocurrencies, and how they work

  • The one-hour documentary film walks viewers through the history of bitcoin and explains how it developed to become so popular in today’s financial world

  • The film also spends a fair amount of time criticizing the government’s and banks’ dubious views on money

  • It examines how inflation can result from the government’s control over money creation

  • This film includes interviews with well-known individuals who have testified about bitcoin, like Roger and Vitalik Buterin

3. Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency

  • This 15-minute explainer video is for you if you want to learn about bitcoin but aren’t entirely into full-length movies

  • This short film is a part of a series that offers concise treatments of a variety of subjects

  • It gently walks you through the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and describes the universe in which they operate

4. Life on Bitcoin

  • We can’t dispute the fact that cryptocurrencies are still not quite mainstream even though they are continually praised for their diverse variety of applications

  • Particularly in 2014, when Bitcoin had only been in existence for six years, many investors found it incredibly difficult to convince people to understand and accept bitcoin as a payment

  • Austin and Beccy Craig, two young individuals, attempt to use bitcoin for trading in the book Life on Bitcoin

  • They accept the challenge to go 100 days using just bitcoin

  • As the pair tries to persuade others to accept bitcoin payments, the movie also has a humorous aspect

5. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

  • For cryptocurrency investors, the previous year has been wonderful, with many riding the rising wind

  • Even while it is obvious that bitcoin will become popular, very few people actually discuss how it works and how it came to hold such a prestigious position in society

  • As a result, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin recounts bitcoin’s struggle and eventual triumph

6. Banking on Bitcoin

  • The core decentralized concept is giving rise to a number of innovative ideas, including cryptocurrency banks and bitcoin ATMs

  • But despite its widespread use and popularity, many people are still only beginning to learn about bitcoin

  • The film Banking on Bitcoin makes fun of real-world uses of bitcoin while describing its future

7. Crypto

  • A hardcore crypto movie that was released in 2019 titled Crypto discusses the speculative aspect of digital currencies

  • Although bitcoin is frequently praised for its incredible encryption, there are concerns that it may open the door to unwanted and illegal operations

  • That is the storyline of the film “Crypto”

  • The crime thriller explores the dark side of cryptocurrencies and presents a number of unexpected situations

8. CRYPTOPIA- Bitcoin and the Future of the Internet

  • A more or less refined version of Torsten Hoffmann’s earlier work of the same name, CRYPTOPIA- Bitcoin and the Future of the Internet

  • He addresses problems, conflicts, and other development-related concerns while attempting to give an overview of how the bitcoin ecosystem functions

  • The movie makes use of important insights that matter in long-term investments rather than providing a simple introduction

9. I am Satoshi

  • The originator of bitcoin, Satoshi, is constantly under suspicion

  • We have been using bitcoin for ten years, yet we still don’t know who the developers are or what their background is

  • Even the identity of Satoshi, who worked to create the blockchain network, is still a mystery

  • An in-depth understanding of Satoshi and bitcoin is attempted in this 53-minute film

10. The Bitcoin Experiment

  • Bitcoin’s legality is frequently contested around the world, particularly by governments

  • The digital currency still makes an effort to shatter preconceptions by somehow entering daily life and becoming a widespread form of exchange

  • The Bitcoin Experiment depicts a social experiment on the legality of bitcoin

  • The production team takes a flight to Scandinavia as part of that, which they used as an illustration of the practical use of digital currency in everyday life




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