Top 10 Crypto Domain Name Sales 2022

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1. — $2 million


  • sold at Moniker for $19,800 almost exactly ten years ago.

  • The brand was renamed as the famous Odebrecht Agroindustrial in 2013 when the name was sold to ETH Bioenergia.

  • The domain appears to have entered privacy protection at the end of 2016 and was subsequently sold for $2 million in a deal disclosed in October 2017, according to WHOIS records.

  • The development of the Ethereum token ETH gave the three-letter domain a valuable new significance.

  • As of this writing, is unresolved and the new owner’s identity is unknown.

2. — $195,000


  • Prior to the current cryptocurrency name craze, domain trader and founder, Mike Mann, reportedly acquired in 2011 for just $15.

  • Based on the demand for crypto names, it appears from archived screenshots that Mike gradually raised the price of

  • For instance, the name was just $9,888 on October 30th, 2016.

  • Mike Mann recently disclosed that Binance has acquired this name.

3. — $99,888


  • On December 31st, 2017,, which was founded in 2013 was sold.

  • Zayed AlNehayan of Abu Dhabi is the new owner, according to WHOIS.

  • There is a connection between the PO Box address and the Abu Dhabi ruling family’s Al Nayhan, according to WHOIS records.

  • Although the domain currently has no visible website, DomainIQ displays a number of other bitcoin domain names linked to the registrant’s email address.

4. — $65,000


  • 2018 also included the selling of

  • is currently showing a simple “under construction” page promising a Bitcoin trading platform after another sale at Undeveloped was successfully completed.

  • The BitForex keyword is used by numerous websites; it is not yet known if this was an upgrade or a purchase for a completely new enterprise.

  • The name is currently protected by privacy laws.

5. — $50,536


  • Numerous blogs have appeared as a result of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies to offer comments on the sector.

  • Websites like, run by Francois Carillo, are great at compiling news from blogs all around the world.

  • But this domain, which was purchased at @Sedo in August 2017, is ideal for developing into a resource that leads its field.

  • There is now nothing visible under the name other than a window asking for a password.

  • It’s interesting to note that NameJet previously sold for only $900 in April 2016.

6. — $48,888


  • The name was only registered in March 2017, and just four months later, according to WHOIS, it was quickly sold for $48,888.

  • Following a cryptocurrency split in August 2017 caused by some Bitcoin community members having negative opinions on the decision to offer a new upgrade proposal, Bitcoin Cash was created.

  • A single-page website with much information about Bitcoin Cash is now hosted on the domain, which appears to have been purchased by the project’s creators.

7. — $45,000


  • was sold for $45,000 via Sedo in another transaction.

  • The creation of the Ethereum network has given ether a new common meaning.

  • The “fuel” that powers Ethereum, according to the official Ethereum website, is called Ether.

  • Since the WHOIS information is protected by privacy and resolves to a parked page, there are no current hints as to who the owner of the domain is.

8. — $35,516


  • was sold before the end of 2017 and closed through the domain marketplace Sedo.

  • This “coin” keyword sale, which just beat out the 2014 sale, was the sixth largest “coin” keyword sale overall, according to NameBio.

  • Someone from Shanghai, China purchased the domain.

  • The website’s domain forwards to a parked page as of the time of publication.

9. — $35,000


  • Based on comparable sales from the previous year, it appears the owner was able to negotiate a higher price.

  • Nevertheless, the name was sold via the Undeveloped marketplace at the beginning of 2018.

  • The 2012 domain name already has a simple website that seems to indicate that William Thomas, the creator of the British website, is the new owner of

10. — $125,000


  • The website Undeveloped, a domain marketplace, said in April 2017 that it has sold the domain name for $125,000.

  • The domain is still not showing a website nine months after registration.

  • Craig Ellis, a co-founder of Triangl, is listed as the domain’s owner in the WHOIS database.

  • Craig, a former AFL football player, founded the swimwear company in 2012.

  • By 2015, sales had increased to $45 million.




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