Top 10 Cold Wallets

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  1. Safely storing your crypto in an era of scam culture and fraud has become something of a necessity if you want to play the HODLERs crypto game. These cold wallets will help you vault away that ever-important heap of crypto gold you’re sitting on!

    1. Ledger Nano X
      THE WHAT?

    • The Ledger Nano X is the second generation of hardware wallets from Ledger (the first being Ledger Nano S)

    • It offers more capacity (up to 100 blockchain apps can be installed), a larger screen, and Bluetooth connectivity, making it better for mobile devices

    • The Ledger Nano X is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac, as well as Android and iOS smartphones

    • The USB cable can be used to connect it to a computer, while the Bluetooth or OTG cable can be used to connect it to a mobile device

    • It accepts approximately 1,600 different coins and tokens

    2. Trezor Model T


    • Trezor Model T is the Trezor wallet’s second version (the first being Trezor One)

    • Trezor is a wonderful hardware wallet that matches all of the security features and popularity of the Ledger Nano X

    • It comes with a built-in colour touchscreen and a large display for a better user experience

    • The Trezor Model T can store over 1800 coins and tokens, but the user can switch to a Bitcoin-only software that is designed to handle Bitcoin transactions exclusively

    3. Ellipal Titan

    • Ellipal Titan is notable for using a hardware wallet security method that is air-gapped

    • Your Ellipal hardware wallet is physically, electromagnetically, and electronically isolated from all other networks when it is in an air-gapped state

    • While other hardware wallets use USB or Bluetooth to sign transactions, Ellipal Titan’s Ellipal app solely employs QR codes

    • Indeed, the Ellipal Titan circuit board was designed to be incompatible with Wifi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections, effectively preventing any physical connections

    4. SafePal S1


    • Binance labs have funded the SafePal S1 hardware wallet project

    • It employs an air-gapped connection mechanism and EAL 5+ security certification, as well as a self-destruct feature in the event of forceful offline attacks

    • With a 1.3-inch screen and a 400mAh battery, it’s the size of a credit card

    • It supports over 10,000 tokens and 20 blockchains

    5. Ledger Nano S Plus

    • The Ledger Nano S Plus is an improved version of the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet

    • It has larger memory storage for programs (wallets), 1.28 MB, than the Nano S, which only has 128 KB and a larger display that makes transactions easy to see

    • Must be linked to a device to turn on as there is no Bluetooth option

    6. CoolWallet Pro

    • CoolWallet Pro is an iOS and Android-compatible hardware wallet

    • It uses a Bluetooth connection to connect to the CoolBitX Crypto Wallet App

    • CoolWallet Pro is the second generation of CoolWallets (the first being CoolWallet S), and it allows you to stake Tron (TRX), Polkadot (DOT), and Cosmos directly (ATOM)

    7. Keystone Pro

    • Keystone Pro is a hardware wallet that communicates using air-gapped QR codes

    • A 4-inch touch screen and a detachable battery provide an excellent user experience

    • Third-party wallets are PSBT compliant

    • It comes in three different versions: Essential, Pro, and Ultimate, with prices ranging from $119 to $479


    • BitBox02 is a desktop hardware wallet produced in Switzerland (Windows, Linux, Mac)

    • It now also works with Android devices that have a USB-C port

    • It only accepts ERC20 tokens and does not support Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum

    • It functions and may be plugged exactly like a USB drive; no additional hardware is required

    • You can backup using a recovery phrase, but the option to rapid backup with a microSD card is a key benefit of this hardware wallet

    9. D’CENT

    • The D’CENT hardware wallet is designed for iOS and Android devices

    • You can connect to the D’CENT app wallet via an encrypted Bluetooth connection

    • The device contains a built-in fingerprint scanner (which is why it’s sometimes dubbed a Biometric wallet)

    • The four buttons that surround this fingerprint authentication square are used to navigate

    • You can view your purchased NFT on the D’CENT app’s Collectibles page (non-fungible tokens)

    10. SecuX V20

    • SecuX offers three different hardware wallets. W10 (which can only be used on a PC laptop), W20, and V20 (which can be used on both a desktop and a mobile device)

    • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Groestlcoin, BNB, DigiByte, Dash, Doge, Stellar, and all other ERC20 tokens are all supported

    • It has a 2.8-inch colour touchscreen, a diamond-shaped metal frame, and a long-lasting 600mAh battery


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