Top 10 Blockchain-Based Jobs that Could Change Your Life

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1)Blockchain Developer


  • One of the most common job roles in blockchain technology is a software developer

  • Many businesses hire Blockchain developers to provide the best solutions and to develop new technologies

  • You have the option of becoming a core blockchain developer or a software blockchain developer

  • In-depth knowledge of blockchain architecture, cryptography, data structure, web development, and proficiency in programming languages such as Java, C++, Solidity, Python, and others are required for the Blockchain developer

  • By pursuing Blockchain Developer Certification, you can learn Blockchain Developer skills, according to Glassdoor, the average annual salary is $1,07,112 USD

2) Blockchain Architect


  • Blockchain architects are in charge of overseeing, designing, and connecting the various components of the blockchain system

  • They must design an appropriate architecture for the required system

  • You can also enroll in the Certified Blockchain Architect program to learn more about the skills needed to become a blockchain architect

  • According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary is $1,07,640

3) Blockchain Security Engineer


  • Another high-paying blockchain job is blockchain security engineer, which has grown in popularity in the IT industry

  • The Blockchain security engineer’s role is to work directly with developers to audit their code for security

  • They ensure the security of products such as smart contracts, Dapps, and protocols

  • According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary is $1,09,862

4)Blockchain Product Manager


  • A blockchain project manager is in charge of overseeing the project and maintaining contact between the organization and blockchain experts

  • The project manager must have management skills, leadership qualities, excellent communication skills, and technological expertise

  • This is one of the most difficult jobs in the blockchain industry

  • According to Indeed, the average annual salary is $96,868

5)Blockchain UX Designer


  • UX designers are required to create a unique and user-friendly interface

  • Every organization that works with blockchain technology prefers a UX designer to create designs for interacting with users

  • If you want to be a Blockchain UX designer, you should have both creative and technical abilities that will benefit the organization

  • According to, the average annual salary is $107,500

6) Blockchain Engineer


  • Blockchain engineers are experts in developing decentralized applications (DApps)

  • They must have extensive knowledge of new technology as well as programming skills

  • Blockchain engineers are in high demand at multinational corporations such as General Electric (GE) and Robert Bosch

  • According to Glassdoor, the average salary is $1,01,961

7) Blockchain Quality Engineer


  • The Blockchain Quality Engineers are in charge of testing all applications that are to be executed

  • They also ensure that the quality of every blockchain-related system is checked

  • Companies prefer someone who can handle the responsibility of delivering a bug-free end product for the company

  • You must have extensive knowledge of blockchain platforms, frameworks, and manual testing techniques for this position

  • According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary is $79,576

8) Blockchain Consultant


  • One of the highest-paying blockchain jobs is that of a blockchain consultant

  • Companies such as IBM and Microsoft hire individuals with technical knowledge and offer solutions to problems

  • Working with such disruptive technology necessitates risk management skills

  • According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary is $82,482

9) Blockchain Legal Consultant


  • Blockchain Legal consultants are hired to handle all legal complications for blockchain-based companies

  • It is the highest-paid blockchain position

  • Such individuals are responsible for providing advice and structure for cryptocurrency or other coin offerings

  • Also, to ensure that the smart contracts meet the regulatory requirements

  • Blockchain consultants must be familiar with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading and according to Glassdoor, the average annual salary is $89,906 per year

10) Blockchain Analyst


  • Blockchain Analyst is another high-paying blockchain jobs

  • A Blockchain Analyst can work as a Risk Analyst or a Business Analyst

  • A Blockchain Risk Analyst examines the risk factors that exist on a specific application or system

  • As a result, they provide some solutions to overcome that specific risk

  • The business analyst typically provides the best business strategies that will benefit the organization in the long run or immediately

  • They also have the ability to make improvements and provide solutions that will help the company grow and according to Glassdoor, the average annual salary is $69,717




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