Top 10 Big Brands That Have embraced the NFT revolution

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Big brands are embracing the revolution in virtual assets. NFTs are computer-generated digital items that can be traded on Blockchain platforms. In this article, we look at what brands are doing to embrace the new technology with NFT’s.

1. Adidas


  • Sportswear juggernaut Adidas Originals debuted its first NFT drop of physical and digital goods in December 2021

  • For the NFT release, they have teamed up with well-known figures in the NFT community, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney, and the creators of Punks Comic

  • Adidas also purchased an NFT for itself, an Indigo Herz, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT

2. Lamborghini


  • The introduction of Lamborghini’s NFT line, which has a space concept, was finally announced recently

  • On 1st February 2022, they tweeted about the 360 Lamborghini Aventador NFT collection by Cars NFT club!

  • The NFT collection with space-related themes was created in collaboration with NFT PRO, a business NFT solution

3. Coca-Cola


  • Coca-Cola launched a set of 4 NFTs in July 2021 to commemorate International Friendship Day, which falls on July 30

  • These animated, one-of-a-kind digital artworks offered multisensory experiences and unlocked surprise goodies for the first owner upon purchase

  • They featured a collection of holiday-themed digital collectible snow globes with falling snow and the recognizable Coke polar bears

  • This meant that until your successful purchase, you were unaware of the collectible or rarity you had acquired

4. Nike


  • RTFKT, pronounced “artifact,” was established in January 2020 and offers digital goods like sneakers in the form of NFTs

  • Benoit Pagatto, one of RTFKT’s co-founders, said that this is a rare opportunity to develop the RTFKT brand, despite the fact that the other specifics of the sale were not made public

  • The only company in the world that shares a strong passion for community, innovation, and creativity is Nike

  • And they’re eager to expand the brand that was created in the metaverse in its entirety

5. Louis Vuitton


  • This prestigious French luxury fashion house also joined the NFT mania

  • Louis The Game was developed by the brand to honour the 200th anniversary of Louis Vuitton’s birth on August 4, 1821, and to highlight its rich past through NFTs and in-game innovations

  • Even a dedicated character named Vivienne who was made to represent Louis Vuitton is featured in the video game

6. Samsung


  • In the first few weeks of January 2022, Samsung declared that it would start offering significant NFT support with its 2022 TV lineup

  • Samsung also mentioned that this platform will let creators “share their art with the world” and let potential buyers preview an NFT before purchasing it and learn about an NFT’s history and blockchain metadata

  • Samsung is also focusing on the details when it comes to viewing NFTs on its 2022 TVs

  • Additionally, in January 2022, Samsung launched their bizarrely called “837X” virtual reality on the blockchain-based Decentraland metaverse

7. Pepsi


  • Pepsi announced its first-ever entry into the rapidly developing field of NFT in December 2021 with the release of the “Pepsi Mic Drop” genesis NFT collection

  • To commemorate the year Pepsi was founded, Pepsi declared its intention to produce 1,893 distinctive generative-style NFTs

  • The Pepsi Mic Drop NFTs are based on various microphone visuals and are inspired by well-known Pepsi flavours, such as the classic blue Pepsi, silver diet Pepsi, red Pepsi wild cherry, black Pepsi zero sugar, and even the fan-favourite Crystal Pepsi

  • The VaynerNFT consulting firm, which operates under the VaynerX holding company, collaborated on the design of the Pepsi NFT line

8. McDonald’s


  • McDonald’s US introduced their first NFT in November 2021

  • McDonald’s released a limited run of 10 McRib NFTs in the US to commemorate McRib’s 40th anniversary

  • McDonald’s launched its first-ever NFT promotion to mark the return of the fast food chain’s limited edition McRib to its menu in November 2021

  • McDonald’s released a small number of NFTs (named MCNFT) as a part of a digital collection of collectible artworks incorporating the McRib in order to generate excitement about the product’s brief reappearance and limited availability

9. Burger King


  • Burger King is another fast-food restaurant that entered the NFT market

  • The fast-food restaurant chain announced the beginning of the “Keep It Real Meals” initiative in September 2021

  • Nearly 6 million meal boxes have QR codes attached as part of this NFT program

  • According to Burger King’s statement, scanning the QR codes will unlock a digital collectible and “collecting them can lead to unlocking bonus NFTs.

10. Ray-Ban


  • Designer eyewear firm Ray-Ban is another company that didn’t hesitate to enter the NFT market

  • It debuted its first and only NFT, which included the company’s recognizable Aviator sunglasses, in October 2021

  • It was made by the famous 3D motion designs Oliver Latta, a German artist, the Italian Art Trust received the revenues from the auction of the NFT on OpenSea




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