The different types of NFTs

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  1. Artworks

  • This is the most well-known subcategory of NFTs

  • The majority of them are digital works of art that are protected by open certificates of ownership and authenticity from the digital ledger where they are kept

  • The digital piece “The First 5000 Days” by artist Beeple, which sold for a staggering $69.3 million at a March 2021 Christie’s auction, was the most expensive NFT ever sold

2. Collectibles

  • The first NFT to ever be introduced as a collectible

  • They are digital versions of actual collectibles like Pokemon cards or old, mint-condition toys

  • Curio Cards were the first significant NFT collectibles to be released, and since then, a number of additional collectibles have gained popularity, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, Cat Colony, Meebits, and others

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club has proven to be the most expensive digital collectible out there, and they are a collector’s joy

3. Sports Memorabilia

  • One of the most popular NFT categories right now is sports memorabilia, and the NBA Top Shot is the most well-known NFT in this segment

  • A video clip of memorable sports moments is typically included in this kind of NFT

  • The LeBron James Dunk, Throwdowns (Series), which features footage of Lakers player LeBron James dunking the ball, is one of the most well-known NFTS in this category

  • One of the most expensive Sports Memorabilia NFTs ever, it sold for more than $380,000

4. Video-Game Assets

  • Players participate in these NFT-based video games in order to win prizes like cryptocurrencies, digital assets, or other NFTs

  • The first NFT video game asset was Axie Infinity, which led to the rise in popularity of games like CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, Sorare, etc. among gamers

5. Virtual Land

  • This applies to real estate both in the Metaverse and in video games

  • Although it may appear to be a completely useless asset with no practical uses, it has a lot of promise

  • The virtual plot of land can be used to make virtual assets, install adverts inside video games, etc

6. Memes

  • Nobody could have predicted a few years ago that memes would have any monetary worth linked to them, but as a result of the NFT wave, memes have also turned into valuable digital assets

  • In June 2021, the first Doge meme went for $4 million

  • Memes like Disaster Girl, Bad Luck Brian, Success Kid, NyanCat, and others have been highly prized and sold for astronomical sums, making their creators extremely wealthy and the meme market prosperous

  • Over $470,000 was paid for the disaster girl meme

7. Domain Names

  • These are cryptocurrency domains created on a blockchain, such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain

  • They have more than 500 domain extensions, with “.eth” being the most popular

  • Crypto domains are a sought-after asset since they are independent of any centralized authority

  • Additionally, they can be used to link crypto-wallets, which is a capability that is not available with non-NFT domain names

  • The fact that most browsers do not currently support the crypto domain is their largest drawback

8. Music

  • One of the most recent developments in NFT madness is this

  • Before releasing their albums on typical streaming platforms, artists pre-release them on NFT markets

  • Customers can purchase a portion of the record, such as a share, and when it is published through conventional channels, they are entitled to a portion of the album’s revenues

  • Although this trading strategy for Musical NFTs is still relatively new, many transactions do follow this pattern

  • For instance, in March 2021, numerous NFTs of the Kings of Leon album “When You See Yourself” were sold

9. Ticketing

  • Ticketing has not been left behind by the numerous advances brought about by the advent of NFTs in daily transactions

  • On blockchain platforms, event tickets can now be created and later auctioned off by the organizers

  • Tickets for NFT can also be purchased at a set cost

  • Because these tickets can also be saved and sold as souvenirs, this would greatly eliminate fraud and create a sense of memorabilia

10. Real World Assets

  • Up till this point, you might be thinking if NFTs are solely related to digital and virtual assets

  • However, NFTs also have uses in relation to physical assets

  • A token called a Real World asset NFT (rwANFt) designates virtual ownership of a tangible item

  • The token associated with a rwANFT provides legal contracts of warranty, insurance, enforceability, etc., just like digital NFTs do

  • It also verifies ownership

  • Since the tokens cannot be faked and the digital ledger offers transparency to prevent fraud, rwANFTs have an additional degree of security

11. NFT Fashion

  • Sounds crazy, huh? How is it even possible that there is virtual fashion? So, get ready because it is both extremely genuine and has a huge market capitalization

  • Clothing and accessories created for digital avatars and video game characters are referred to as virtual fashion

  • For digital avatars, Louis Vuitton and Burberry have released a line of NFT clothing that includes kimonos and sneakers

12. Identity

  • Due to their non-fungibility and the additional guarantee of transparency provided by the digital ledger, NFTs have begun to garner significant real-world momentum

  • Providing identifying certificates to people is one of the real-world uses for NFTs

  • Some examples of how NFTs are used in the actual world for individual identification include Self-Sovereign Identity and Bridge Protocols

13. Miscellaneous Online Items

  • Anything and everything that hasn’t been covered by the previous categories is included in this category

  • This covers posts on blogs, Instagram, and other social media

  • In other words, this includes anything that was issued on a digital ledger and is non-fungible

  • For $2.9 million, for instance, Jack Dorsey’s initial tweet was sold




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