How To Spot Fake Crypto Influencers

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Over the past few years, the term “fake influencer” has gained popularity in the industry. However, these are influencers who are targeted for marketing through sponsored posts and paid adverts. The difference between fake and real influencers lies in their authenticity and efforts to pass themselves off as real personalities.

1. Username error

  • The first step is to look at their username on their profile

  • An imposter can easily duplicate a profile image and bio in Telegram, but he cannot duplicate the username

  • Although the imposter’s identity is @SuperTechSuqqort88, the actual account may be @SuperTechSupport88

  • The bio and the picture are the same, so if you’re not cautious, you won’t be able to tell the difference apart

2. Suspicious website

  • The website that fake crypto influencers use to promote a project is another red flag

  • You should reconsider if you click on the site and all you see is a single page with a countdown clock indicating when the project will be finished

  • Once more, it is a warning sign if the project’s website’s telegram link does not lead to the group where the person who contacted you via chat was a member

3. Coin Request

  • Thirdly, run away if the fraudster asks you to give ETH or BTC in exchange for a coin you are unfamiliar with

  • You might occasionally even be familiar with the currency of interest

  • You were probably invited to join the Telegram group even though it hasn’t launched yet

  • Only if a fake admin contacts you personally and asks for ETH or BTC in exchange for a spot to purchase the currency before it goes on sale to the general public. (Typical scammers)




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This is one of the best awareness to spot crypto scammer. We must be aware of this fake influencer. Thus, we(crypto users) will have to protect and educate ourselves.

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