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I try to try my hand at writing an article again ...

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2 years ago

I want to briefly tell you what happened to me today, following a problem that has been dragging on for a few days...

One eye, the right one, hurt so much, to the point that I suspected a kind of bruising, yesterday morning, Sunday, I went to a pharmacy, where they recommended antibiotic eye drops, this evening, after having put 4 doses of this medicine, I have not seen any benefits, so I went, in spite of myself, to the emergency room of my city, and I had a good luck, because only in a quarter of an hour the ophthalmologist visited me, finding a Acute viral conjunctivitis, 2 weeks of new eye drops and everything should pass, in a moment where the covid is attracting general attention, if nothing else, access to the ER was very quick ...

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Good, you did visit a doctor, was allowed to go to the ER. In the Netherlands, you are no longer for several years. You need to visit a doctor first (with some luck within 3 days) and if he/she says you can go to the hospital and gives you a letter you can make an appointment (with luck within 3 months, with more luck the doctor makes the call and you can come at once or are send to the other part of the country where the eye hospital is and angry doctors scold at you because it is the evening).

I hope the medication you received will bring some relief soon. Do you know what caused the infection?

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2 years ago