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Your dreams give news about society and the world

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2 months ago

Could our dreams be more than what we see? In fact, our dreams may point to deeper meanings of life and deeper details of the nature of the universe.

According to the legends of the Aboriginal Australians, the universe was created long ago as the dream of a great power. This great power is still dreaming. According to this legend, everything we see in nature is the product of this dream.

So we are in a dream and at the same time we are the dreamers. In this process, making a connection between what we see and what we experience and making a healthy connection will open our perceptions more. If we want to be aware both in waking life and in sleep, we need to open our perceptions a lot. More than living by breathing, we need to continue our lives with our conscious will.

Unfortunately, the human brain today mostly decides first and perceives later. Because we are consciously taught to automatize. Not to go beyond our limits, to get involved in systems, to get involved in the lives of popular people even though it doesn't benefit us in any way, to imitate and follow their lives and truths by separating from our own essence.

The individual who realizes and follows his/her dreams is a person who is interested in himself/herself, who wants to be aware of his/her self. This path leads us to live at peace with ourselves, to understand, to know what we want. People who are at peace with themselves are at peace with others. It minimizes conflicts.

As such, dreams become deeper. And even begin to dream about society and nature. Our world has also moved away from its natural structure and essence after what we have transformed it into. Therefore, some of us have started to dream about natural disasters and similar problems. Aware people who are at peace with themselves, who have no problems with anyone, feel it when the world is hurting. Maybe they dream a lot about an earthquake, a fire, children being harmed.

These dreams do not mean that the events in our dreams will happen tomorrow, but these dreams indicate that the order we have broken as humanity will have long-term repercussions. If those who have such foreshadowing dreams go to sleep questioning what they can do for the world as individuals before they go to sleep, they will also understand their duties that will benefit our world, from which we benefit from many blessings.

Which forks in the road, which shores have you crossed, what did you hope for, how much did you find, or was what you found much more than what you hoped for? You can ask yourself all these questions. Sometimes the answers may come much later. Just keep on being on the road. Try to realize not the small pictures in your life, but the whole picture, where your path is going.

This perspective will be very, very good for you. Then realize what you are doing or not doing that is taking you away from the big picture, for example. You can redraw your road map at any moment.

I wish you to have dreams full of awareness and I hope to see you in my next article...

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2 months ago
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