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Save 3% on your all your Card Purchases! - Splinterlands New Player Guide #04

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3 months ago

If you're purchasing Splinterlands cards through the in-game market, you have to use this trick to start saving 💰money💰 NOW!

What's MonsterMarket? is a secondary market for all Splinterlands asset, including Cards and Packs.

In very simple terms: if you can buy something inside Splinterlands, you can also buy the same thing in MonsterMarket. Everything that's being sold in one is also being sold in the other; they're different storefronts selling the exact same products.

Why Use MonsterMarket?

The main reason is also very simple: when you buy something using MonsterMarket, you'll instantly receive 3% of the DEC value, as a cashback, directly into your Wallet.

When a card is sold in Splinterlands, the seller has to pay a fee of 5%. And MonsterMarket gives 60% of this fee to the buyer (you!)

60% of the 5% fee is 3%. Thus, when you buy a card using MonsterMarket, you'll instantly receive 3% of the card's value back, for free!

Take a look at the Cashback I've already received!

I was lucky to find out about this whole cashback thing before buying my first card. Thus, I've used MonsterMarket to do every single one of my purchases, receiving my 3% cashback in DEC in each one of them. Until the time of writing, I've already received exactly 495.143 DEC in cashbacks from MonsterMarket.

At, you can see the public history of my (or any other!) wallet. Click here to go to my wallet and take a look at all the cashbacks!

Cashback Example

Let's imagine that you want to buy the Mylor Crowling combo, buying him together with the Mushroom Seer and the Wood Nymph. With these cards, you can easily climb your way through the Ranks until Silver I and start earning big rewards.

If you buy those three cards using MonsterMarket, you'll receive 513.809 DEC as cashback. That's literally FREE MONEY that you would be throwing into the trash can if you had bought the same cards using Splinterlands in-game market.

Other Functionalities

Another interesting functionality of MonsterMarket is the STATS tab.

When you click on a card and then click on the Stats tab, you can see the full stats of the card for each level: number of cards to achieve each level, common stats (melee, ranged, magic, speed, shield, health), and the special abilities.

Not only the site shows the abilities, but they also describe the ability, helping new players (like me!) to get used to each of the talents that make this game interesting to play.

"What's this two weird blue boomerangs?" Well, that's the Dodge ability!

"And what is this "Dodge ability"?" The site describes it too: monsters with Dodge has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks.

Very handy, isn't it?


If you're buying Splinterlands cards, there's absolutely no reason to use the in-game market. Join the 😎cool😎 guys and use to receive an instant 3% DEC cashback in each of your card purchases, without any hidden cost or shenanigans.

Thanks for reading this article, and until next time!

New Player Bonus Offer

If you're a new player that still haven't bought the 10$ Summoner's Spellbook, you can help both you and me by creating a new account using my Referral Link ( If you create an account using my link and then buy the Summoner's Spellbook, leave a comment here and let me know.

Once I have verified the referral, I'll send you some cards for free to use on your first weeks in the game to help you progress faster through the Bronze League! Using my Referral link doesn't cost you anything extra and will make both of us stronger 💪!.

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3 months ago
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