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Finally got to Bronze I !!! - Splinterlands End of Season

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4 weeks ago

Just a few hours before the End of this Season, I was able to grind my way to Bronze I, thus securing me some extra Loot Chests! Yey!

I bought some newbie cards in the Market, like the Creeping Ooze, the Sea Genie and Captain's Ghost. They're incredibly cheap to buy, but those cards will make your decks way stronger and make the grind way easier.

I also won an Exploding Rats yesterday, making me stronger in low-mana games as the Fire Splinter.

In the other hand, I'm sure that it's totally possible to get to Bronze I using only the starter cards. I was slowly grinding my way through the ranks, and would reach it sooner rather than later.

But I wouldn't be able to get to Bronze I that fast, and that's why I decided to purchase some cards: so I already receive better Season Rewards.

Regarding the Minimum Power to progress to Bronze I, I needed 5000 power and had just 1000. While I played some games, I kept an eye on the rental market, and was able to rent for a single day an INCREDIBLY CHEAP Lvl 3 Legendary Card. With a cost of less than 10DEC, it gave me more than enough power to end the season in the Bronze I.

Thanks for reading my blog post, and until next time!

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Written by   1
4 weeks ago
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