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OpenDAO: Earn $100+ of OPEN Making Informative Content

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OpenDAO has a program that encourages everyone to play an active role in the community! Share information about the project with videos, articles, and even tweets! You can earn great rewards.

OpenDAO: The DeFi Bank of Tomorrow

People are getting tired of their fiat money, slowly losing value in their account as the bank managers manipulate it to turn a profit for themselves. The last couple of years have seen an explosion in decentralized solutions, and DeFi seemingly went nuclear in 2020, bringing tons of new capital and interest to the space.

OpenDAO has been brewing quietly for years, first in the heads of several of the clever minds working on the team. The core team members have backgrounds in real estate. Moresh Kokane, OpenDAO Lead Architect, founded a crowdfunding solution for Australian real estate called Estate Baron (2014), and along with Sean Qian, Operations Lead of OpenDAO, later built, a blockchain-enabled real estate crowdfunding platform utilizing tokenized real estate shares.

Short term, OpenDAO is building a framework for minting stablecoins backed by a variety of on-chain assets, on top of the UMA Protocol. These create value for holders of the collateral asset, as they can essentially take out a loan in the form of a stablecoin and use their capital elsewhere while maintaining their holdings.

Long term, the project will begin to expand to other kinds of assets. Stocks such as #TSLA and #AAPL may be some of the first real-world assets, since these are traded in formats that should be quite easy to bridge to DeFi. Other options like real estate will come later, when the market has higher liquidity.

A multi-collateral stablecoin, USDO, will use a simple pegging mechanism to follow the dollar. With UMA Protocol's slow conflict resolution and a variety of collateral assets, stablecoin minters can feel secure as they leave their valuable asset as collateral to essentially take out a decentralized loan. The platform avoids some pitfalls of its competitors, which you can read about in other articles!

"OpenDAO Is About to Revolutionize DeFi. You Don't Want to Miss Out!"

"Road to Productive Asset backed money"

OpenDAO Community Program

For a few months previously, the OpenDAO team rewarded community efforts with a monthly drawing. Members earned an entry by making an article, video, or other posting about OpenDAO.

Now, in the transition to Discord as a main community hub, the OpenDAO team has devised a much more rewarding program. Anyone who makes content about OpenDAO has opportunities to gain rewards each month, though the monthly jackpot also exists as an extra incentive!

Do you think you might be able to write articles, connect OpenDAO with DeFi OGs, or do some other extraordinary effort to help spread the word? All you need to do is join the discord, read over the rules, and start sharing links to your efforts there! Logan, the community lead, can look at them and verify your OPEN rewards at the end of each month.

Click the link to join OpenDAO's discord

All the Ways to Earn OPEN

Here, I will show you the different achievements for which you can expect rewards. It's very flexible, as you will see - if you have an idea to advance the community's efforts further, you should definitely bring it to the team!

Top Active Members: There are many kind guides and wise minds in our community. We’d like to honor the most active Telegram/Discord members.

~ REWARDS: 50 OPEN tokens each

~ (limit: 5 members)

OpenDAO Article: Publish and share an article about OpenDAO, its products, or partnerships, etc. on Medium, Publish 0x, or similar platform.

~ REWARDS: 25 OPEN tokens per article

~ (limit: 2 per week per person)

OpenDAO Video: Publish and share a video about OpenDAO, its products, or partnerships, etc. on Youtube or similar platform.

~ REWARDS: 50 OPEN tokens per video

~ (limit: 1 per week per person)

Social Media ‘Snowballs’: Engage the many communities across the social media landscape and get at least 10 ‘reactions’ (including shares, likes, retweets, comments, etc.) on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 4Chan, or similar platform.


~ (limit: 3 per week per person)

Networking Lead: Are you one of the “DeFi OGs?,” or do you have a friend in the industry? Get rewards for helping create valuable connections and successfully linking OpenDAO with other crypto communities.

~ REWARDS: 100 OPEN per successful introduction

~ (unlimited)

Monthly Jackpot: Anyone participating in the Open Community Program is entered into a random drawing for a monthly Jackpot. Each submission (article, social media ‘snowball’, video, etc.) counts as ONE ENTRY into the drawing; this means that multiple entries are possible.


~ (limit: 1 winner)

Extraordinary Efforts: The sky is the limit! Do you have a great idea for supporting the DAO? Show it and share it! This category rewards extraordinary efforts that do not fall into the categories above, as determined by the OpenDAO team.


~ (unlimited)

"Open DAO: Open Community Program"

One final note, though, folks: The early bird gets the worm!

As the DAO expands and grows, the OPEN token price appreciates, and more people take advantage of these rewards, it is likely that the amounts may shrink or may be discontinued at a certain point! Be heard, be seen, and take part now!

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