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Through The Dark

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1 month ago

Let them talk

Living in a world where the wise are silent and full of doubts, and the ignorant are extremely vocal and self-confident, it is relatively easy to get lost in the noise and lose your focus. It is never a good option to pay attention to those pretending to know it all, as they are usually the ones who have nothing of value to offer to the conversation, other than meaningless rants and random supposedly smart observations that are barely relevant to the topic of discussion in the first place. You may feel tempted to stoop to their level and respond accordingly, but I assure you that it's never a good option.

See this is exactly what is wrong with the world today. Those who have a powerful message to share do not even feel like trying, while those who are only there to spread negativity are not only motivated, but also widely supported and accepted. It is so much easier for them to find followers that I understand the passive stance of the bright people who actually have something to offer to the world but prefer to just watch the game silently from the sidelines. The notion that the masses are destined to march towards the darkness is probably another factor adding to this, but this is also something I can't argue with.

Point of view

Of course I always keep in mind that I may very well be wrong about the things I say, but there is no way to find out other than to share with the world and observe the way they react to my message. I try to keep an open mind whenever I receive constructive feedback, push myself to accept criticism and try to read through it. It is very easy to catch an attitude and react negatively to the negativity coming your way, but it is much better to respond with kindness, and it can be easier than it seems at first if you keep in mind that everyone is going through struggles and fighting a battle you have no idea about.

From my personal experience in life I have come to realize that the people that tend to hurt others are the ones hurting inside the most. People who are truly happy inside do not go around bringing others down and spreading misery, negativity and pain. People who are truly happy inside are usually kind and empathetic, always looking to lift others and be of help. They always have something nice to say, and if they don't, they just won't say anything. It's easier for people who are truly happy inside to see the good in others because they are in a blessed place, and this makes them feel like they have an obligation to return the favour by helping others to reach that place themselves.

It is much easier to look at things from this perspective, and therefore, to react to negativity with kindness and understanding if you focus on the reasons that make people use the specific words they do, and not on the words themselves. For instance, it's easy to assume that Jim is a very rude person that doesn't care about people's feelings, but that's not necessarily correct, as Jim may be having a terrible day, struggling to move on and deal with the obstacles he is faced with. And that is necessarily correct, but not engraved in the words Jim used in his cry for help. It is encoded and hidden. By the way Jim is a fictional character. My apologies to all Jims out there.

Try to understand

This is one of the main reasons that lead to so many misunderstandings in our society nowadays, because people can hear you but they don't listen. And also because for most of us it is so hard to just open up and share our actual thoughts with the world, especially when we are hurting inside. Maybe that's because we've accepted in advance that nobody is really going to care about our personal struggles and battles, and I'm afraid that's true to some extent. Living in a hectic world where everyone is rushing to get somewhere first, people tend to feel attracted towards the powerful and successful, which makes it extremely difficult to admit that you are broken inside as people are going to perceive you as weak and boring.

But this is an invisible prison we will all have to visit at some point in life, as we are only human. Nobody has an absolutely perfect life, nobody is completely safe in this cold, dark, cruel but beautiful realm. That's why it's not fair to judge, and never a good option to make fun of someone else's predicament, as times are changing and you may soon find yourself on the receiving end of it all. It is hard to predict what's next, and that's why it always pays to be humble and keep a low profile. It's okay to be amazing and exceptional, and trust me people will notice if you are. No need to brag and be vocal about it, and no need to look down on others.

Of course I am no better at all, and I do realize that I have many flaws, which by the way I'm always trying to fix. At least those that I know of. I am writing these lines so I can come back to them tomorrow, the day after and so on. It is easy to preach, but to actually follow these principles is a completely different story, and so I do realize that sometimes it may be hard for me to follow the example I am trying to set here. But maybe these lines will make it easier for me to remember to always examine what people mean with what they are saying instead of just focusing on the words they use.

Let's fix this together

Everything would be so much easier in this world if we weren't that terrible at understanding each other. We could all just be ourselves and feel accepted instead of trying to convince everyone else that we are so much more than we seem to be. But I'm afraid this is not feasible in a world driven by power and success, where your worth is measured by your material belongings rather than your intellect and intentions. It is up to every single one of us to step up and take action in order to change the norm and shape our society accordingly. Revolution starts in the mind, and today is the day.

And make no mistake, it is not that difficult to understand your fellow human being, because regardless of all our little differences that make us unique, we also share many similarities. If we notice our similarities and keep them in mind, it should be much easier to understand where we come from and why we do what we do. That way it should be easier to understand why we say what we say and what we mean with that. We need to learn to crack the code if we are to truly understand and connect with each other. And if we take the time to do just that, we can make it through the darkness of this huge and purposeless universe.

If you managed to make it this far, you are a true hero and I'm grateful you took the time to read those lines. No matter who you are or where you live, we are all one and the same, and we are in this together. If we look to understand and appreciate each other for what we truly are, then there are no limitations. Nothing we could not achieve, nothing we cannot overcome. Let's empower and support each other, and especially those in need of a lift. Today they may be the victim, but tomorrow it may be us. Let's make sure to always do what we expect from others.

I appreciate your attention,


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Written by   103
1 month ago
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The way you right is really outstanding. I wish I could improve my craft, too.

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1 month ago

Thank you so much for the nice words! Much appreciated :) Keep doing what you love.

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1 month ago

One of the reasons why people suffer depression or committed suicide is because nobody wants to listen to them...

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1 month ago

True, and it's sad. Up to us to change that.

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1 month ago