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Just Silence

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1 month ago

Can you hear it?

Living in a hectic city, it is relatively easy to get lost in the noise and lose your focus. The streets are full of hungry, success-driven individuals trying to get what's theirs, and willing to go to any lengths in order to manage to cover their needs, be it real or imaginary ones. The whole world is in a hurry heading to nowhere, and you are forced to join the race and keep up. And even if you don't feel like doing so, you will have to. We all have to.

Most people nowadays are so busy trying to make ends meet, that they rarely ever take the time to sit back, breathe and reflect. Caught up in their everyday struggles and problems, they don't even have the time to think about their life choices and decisions, and go about living their lives on autopilot, trying to catch up with whatever life keeps throwing their way. And of course I am no better; that's exactly how I spend most of my time as well.

This was all well-thought-out and planned centuries ago, and the only thing that's left for now is to sit back, watch and enjoy the show. There is not much you can do about it, and whether you like it or not, the show must go on. You'd like to think that you at least have the option to refuse to watch and just go away, but I'm afraid that's not the case. The powers that be have other plans, and unfortunately we have no other option but to follow their orders. Or maybe not?

Some people can't

I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day regarding the ongoing lockdowns which have torn the economy apart, forcing millions of people into unemployment and taking away everyone's rights in the name of safety. He belongs in the group of people who think there is nothing to worry about in regard to this; for reasons I will never be able to understand, these people blindly trust the government. They just can't believe they could be lying to them.

Of course I am not addressing the situation regarding the virus itself, nor am I doubting its existence or seriousness. What I'm trying to say is that governments are trying to take advantage of the situation and impose restrictions that don't make sense at all, let alone have any effect. Basically I can do anything if I send an SMS in advance, but not unless I do so. Where's the logic in that? Only thing I see is a global effort to permanently change our way of life in the name of a virus that does exist and is killing people, but doesn't really justify the rule of dictatorship.

What amazes me the most is people like my friend don't ever take single a moment to just examine and question what they've been told by the mainstream media. If it's on the news, then it has to be absolutely correct and real. They don't even take a split second to think that those media outlets are owned by powerful individuals whose interests never align with those of the ordinary, everyday people. How would these powerful individuals ever allow you to learn about any of their wrongdoings? I will never be able to comprehend the thought process behind their willingness to just blindly trust strangers that could and would benefit from their ignorance.

No time to think

As you can guess, whenever I confront him with such questions, he always ends up raising the tone of his voice because he has absolutely nothing to say in order to contradict my thoughts, or just changes the subject of discussion, which I must admit is a far more pleasant scenario. When I manage to prove the logical error in his thought process, he starts spouting gibberish about how I am a ''conspiracy theorist'', but I remind him that I prefer the term sceptic. As if one has to be a lunatic in order to be able to come up with and raise reasonable questions.

Or as if it really matters whether I am a lunatic or not. Htiler was a lunatic too, but if he were alive and stated that one plus one equals two, i would have to agree with him. I would proudly declare my agreement without a care in the world about who he really is or what he represents, because guess what: it doesn't matter to me! What really matters is what they are saying, and not who is saying it. This simple example serves as an explanation as to why this logic is flawed. Labeling another human being whatever because just can't prove them wrong is a truly pathetic practice.

It also serves as a sign of mental weakness, especially considering that the powers that be have already started to adopt this technique, using it to ridicule their political opponents and any independent thinkers who can read between the lines and refuse to buy their lies. And of course this only pays because the vast majority of people in the world are too bored to do any research, and therefore, prefer to believe the truth that has been served to them, as it is less time-consuming to do just that.

No time to act

Now, the thing is that politicians nowadays tend to be arrogant, corrupted, brain-dead and funny but in a pathetic way, thus I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of them applying this technique don't do it on purpose but instead due to their mental slowness. We have all witnessed politicians making a fool of themselves on live television, being completely uninformed about very important subjects, or just knowingly lying to themselves and everybody else, because it serves their interests better to do so.

Knowing that they are exhibiting this sort of behaviour on purpose, wouldn't make it any better of course, but would definitely explain a lot. The problem is that the mindless masses who blindly follow and believe whatever these popular clowns have to say, are imitating their icons in a truly obsessive way, copying their thoughts, words, arguments and beliefs, as if they don't have any of their own, or as if they are totally unable to produce any. They will probably claim they are too busy for that, or that they are not really interested in politics.

And if you ask me, both comebacks would mean the exact same thing: "I don't have the mental capacity to realize that this should actually concern me much more, as it affects my life in many ways, but I don't even have the mental capacity to notice this." It is not a bad thing, and I actually sympathize with those people, but oh man... they are too many. Makes me wonder where this world is headed towards. I can't help but think that the future is not so bright judging by the numbers.

And this thought in particular makes me want to go away and never return. It makes me feel like there is no point in trying to save the world, because no matter what you do, it will inevitably self-destruct in the end. No matter now many times you save the world, it will always find a way to turn for the worse. And that's because we humans love order and perceive it as a natural state, but it's not. Entropy rules the Universe.

Point of view

These thoughts make me want to vanish into silence. They take me to nother place where there is nobody else and I can be myself without caring bout being accepted. Without having to worry about the inevitable end of the world. Without having to constantly try to come up with ways to repel it. Without having to explain myself to anyone at all about my decision to not care anymore. With no guilt and no pain.

Thank you for reading this far. I truly appreciate your presence here. I hope you enjoyed this piece and did learn a thing or two. Even if you didn't, I'd still be more than happy if I made you feel something for a little bit. Or if I made you think about your life decisions up until now.

I appreciate your attention,


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Written by   103
1 month ago
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