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Abramazing Journey... Philippines

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4 months ago
Topics: Travel

Abra, officially the Province of Abra, is a province in the Cordillera Administrative Region of the Philippines. Its capital is the municipality of Bangued / Benguet, Philippines, upper part of the Philippines.

One of the tourist destination there is the Kaparkan falls. It was a memorable experience for me though for every travel there's always a memories left from that place, this is just amazing coz it's almost like 12hrs travel from Manila, it's all worth the time and effort you spent because of the scenery and the natural resources, the falls from the mountain, breathtaking and really amazes you,thats why their tagline with the place and that tourist spots is ABRAMAZING, but all the month you can visit this place bacause it needs to be filled by lots of water coming through, not summer but by rainy season here in the Philippines, July to September.

This is like on the spot daytour travel for me, I should be traveling alone here but I got one friend of mine to come along with me, like 2 days before the travel, since I'm always working and I only have 1 off that's where I squeeze in my travel to go for the nature or traveling around the Philippines, and I always looking forward for every daytour to offer. It's always been a refresher for my mind, my soul and body every travel that I had even land or by sea. I'm always happy and excited for every travel that I'm having, especially this one that I really wanted last 2018,and I pushed it in August 2019, so exhausting & tiring only for the travel itself though all that feeling will be gone when your in that place.

It started in 2018 when I try the daytour package here in the Philippines, before the pandemic lots of travel pages for this packages for the people always working and only like weekend off, they always set the travel date, itinerary and everything there, like you would really reserve your slot and to be sure you need to deposit your downpayment there, for every daytour that I'm joining I am able to know lots of people with every walk of life from younger to older generation,and some of them will travel with you again with different destinations and became your friend not only for travel, though from almost of my travels it has always been like 70% of the travelers is millenials., maybe because also of the stamina and good health conditions since most of the time if you book with the daytour package before the day1 begin, there's a meet up first like night before the day begins so all you need to do is rest and sleep during the travel period.

As you can see from the photo above after we arrived in Abra, we rode that truck so that we can go to that falls it's so muddy and really hard and struggling going up there they need to put some chains in the wheels for the mud of the rough and wet road, you would really say like, I don't want to come back like from the other joiners that I'm hearing and saying that don't tell your friends what you've been through so that they will expect this kind of ride hahahahaha but it's ok I don't tell them just here in my story, hopefully they will not read hahahahaha, though it's really worth the wait and time you spent here before seeing this wonderful and so amazing falls. One of a kind

When we get there we really like to swim already take some photos after taking photos we really used all the time we have just to swim and see this place, yeah probably asking where we had lunch yup like really quick they have the tables before going to that falls and you should clean before you go to protect the place also and we had our pack lunch or we also have the stop over before here to buy our own lunch. This is my first time to publish a story or a vlog of my travel hopefully you didn't get bored with what I wrote and help you in the near future if you want to travel in Abra or other places in the Philippines, I will be posting more. Better watch out for my next post.

Hopefully we can travel again and this pandemic will end soon, coz I'm really having fun,energetic and satisfied when I'm traveling even just for a day or two, just to be away from civilization and be near in nature and out of town trip. Bye. Thank you.

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Written by   5
4 months ago
Topics: Travel
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Wow you are really enjoy trip. Visit different places is my hobby.

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3 months ago