Thrifty in Game-Fi HERO with Handicap Upgrade During Bear Market. Is it Feasible?

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6 months ago

Bear market...

It is can be a two edges sword during such times. It can be in your favour if you have enough "dry powder" (fiat stablecoins) to get items in a discounted rate; but it will also be a bleeding mishap if you are using whatever you have generated in Game-Fi to expand the needs for better NFT performance.

Upgrading the in-game NFT's properties is one of them.

Today we will see how much does upgrading and NFT with special "handicap" perk (without going through game-play profession feature) will work.

Let's start with looking at what the HERO NFT itself needs for the upgrade:

1. What properties needed for upgrade

Good thing a fellow gamer actually has this chart saved. It saved me lots of time searching through search engines of the Defi Kingdoms documentation to see what to get; where this particular Shapshifter showed 3 distinct weaker status points compared to the rest of her stats.

Endurance (END), Intelligence (INT) and Wisdom (WIS) are needed; which means the 3 crystals Fortitude, Wit and Insight crystals will be ideal for the "handicap" upgrade.

2. Checking the market

Since there are both ways to move items from Serendale (Harmony chain) to Crystalvale (DFK chain - avax subnet), it is important to see which side of the marketplace is cheaper to purchase, to avoid waste expenses.

This also includes the costs of bridging over, which is now still costing less than $0.001 in total.

Example was getting a Lesser Insight Crystal is actually cheaper to acquire in Crystalvale;

But other crystals may be cheaper in Serendale and it is better to acquire in the Harmony chain and bridge over while it is still affordable.

Good thing that the gas fees for the Harmony chain to activate the bridge at 102 GWEI after the bridge hype during Defi Kingdoms' 1 year anniversary works perfectly

3. Plan out

After doing some extensive research, planning out the steps is very important.

  1. Acquiring the right crystals at the right chain

  2. Bridge over the crystals (if necessary)

  3. Proceed to level up

I am glad that they are very fast to arrive!

But will it work? Is it feasible?

Let's find out!

The good thing about the heart of the Defi Kingdom developers is that they truly want users (gamers) to have a fund experience, therefore the 2 different chains have totally different graphic though the process is the same.

Good thing is that they didn't simply change the names so that users do not need to relearn in the new chain.

However I am not certain with the new Klaytn chain that they proposed to migrate Serendale over. The gameplay might be slightly different after reading their announcement.

No different from Serendale, it is always a 2-step process for the in-game NFT upgrade.

Let's see this time I bought the right crystals.

It worked! The crystals that I purchased and sent from the harmony chain is applicable!

Unfortunately.... only 1 can be used. So I have to pick the weakest stat, Intelligence for that additional boost - hopefully!

Because this crystal has a higher effective chance chose as secondary stats, let's hope that it will work though Endurance is the secondary strength of this NFT.

We can only hope and fingers crossed!

it is now or never!

Usually it may or may not work as its primary / secondary stats is not Intelligence; however I think with the attunement crystal the probability is definitely higher.

I am also glad that without the rest of the crystals, the Primary (Strength) and Secondary (Endurance) both got a good upgrade as well.

I suppose to avoid whales from over upgrading an NFT with their financial advantage and probably sell off high by limiting only 1 crystal allowed per upgrade is a good way to curb game abusers.

I am glad that they actually thought that through.

Overall experience?

Well, it is definitely not mind-blowing, but it does help make upgrades less painstaking.

How much was the cost?

The overall cost is less than $0.50, but that didn't count on the other cost like the NFT's gas fee to acquire the $Crystal token in-game

It still wasn't costing too much because it is mostly done in the DFK subnet chain; but it may be different later when the new Klaytn chain is up.

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