Strategy to ROI "faster" in DefiKingdoms?

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9 months ago

I can't help myself! I shopped again!!!

Recently with the market crashing I have undoubtedly once again (literally) overspent on NFT HERO purchase!

Particularly when I got an Advanced card... which I will NEVER be able to afford to buy if $JEWEL token was 100x at its all time high before... so I am counting this a 100x cheaper at the moment.

But like it or not, it is still quite a sum! By just mining / garden Quests this could take a LOOOOOONG TIME to achieve ROI

Very fortunately, recently I have been very blessed with a lot of "air drops" (harvest haul) lately as the HEROes continue to level up and increase in experiences.

Due to the fact that $JEWEL token's price has tanked so much, the "in-game token milkweed" can decently fetch almost half a $JEWEL token; so if there is even a 1% chance of getting one milkweed a day, by 150 days half of my investment would have been returned if the $JEWEL price is still the sane and bear market is still running...

Of course there are still a whole lot more ingredient that can still fetch some $JEWEL price but some I have reserved to change into potions that would be of use in the future.

In the mean time, a consistent discipline of Garden / Mining Quest once a day + Forage / Fishing once a day (total to 2 Quests per HERO over the lapse of 6-8 hour cooling period) would definitely be able to reap some decent ROI as long as this protocol continues to function.

In the mean time, I have another challenge where to park my crypto for some decent yield. With Celsius being one of the biggest unbanked crypto company now under fire and we do not know any other lending / defi protocols are safe at hand, planning on switching from one yield to another from time to time to ensure my profile is spread out and DCA them back to the cold wallet is a must.

Nothing seems to be certain anymore.

Better to quickly work hard and make sure debts are paid off quickly.

How about you?

Do you think investing on a weaken (but still running) protocol for further yield is a better idea than just Liquide-Provide farms?

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9 months ago