Solving DeFi Kingdoms Avalanche Subnet fund transfers - using Synapse Bridge

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2 years ago

What a pain it is!

Although Harmony chain can be almost one of the cheapest chain to work on, to bridge one coin from one chain to the Harmoney chain can be really "a pain in the arse".

X ONE withdrawal suspended

Not to mention when Binance consistently shuts down Harmony coin and there are just one too many chain lag due to maintenance.

With the new Crystalvale of DeFiKingdoms launched successfully in the Avax subnet (DFK chain), everyone would love to experiment how good the yield is compared to the first super successful DefiKingdoms yield farming on the Harmony chain.


With the HUGE chore of bridging over other coins and tokens from different chains to Harmony Mainnet and then travel over to DFK Mainnet (Avalanche subnet), this becomes a not so pleasant experience for users, especially for newbies and even intermediate users who are not familiar with cross-chain culture.


With Synapse Bridge that was recently introduced in the Malaysia / Singapore during the launch of "Crystalvale" (DFK Chain), I was managed to test a small amount of USDC over without much hiccups.

Of course, the fee isn't small. So far for USDC, the fee is $0.5 (I believe) at any amount, and if the transfer is huge, it doesn't effect too much.

There is a note on larger transfers: You might get your funds over to the bridge slower though

My experience?

Both a test transfer (in case funds gets lost) and the actual transfer that is less than $10 are totally fine and it takes less than 2 minutes to arrive (depending on the speed of internet upon signing contract).

Compared to my last horrendous experience with harmony bridge, this service is way much smoother, although it isn't cheap for tiny amount transfers.

Besides, the experience on the Avalanche subnet experience for Defi Kingdoms up till this point is nothing but appreciative. Smooth transactions are definitely a game changer compared to other L2 solutions.

Not to mention that the new farms do look really good while it is still new.

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