My First Look at Dino Minting NFT, (future) Breed Game Through "Farming"

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2 years ago

Thanks to my #teammalaysia friend @Helyanwe who has showcased his cute juvenile dino NFT, that got me curious to see what this site is about.

This site has been clever enough to evolve from what and structure; is to turn an NFT gaming experience through farming styles.

What got me interested was the ridiculous high yield, which can be a call of danger as well for FOMO; but the fact that my account actually can maintain an NFT (and breeding capabilities later too), besides just placing it there, I think this can be quite fun instead of just getting NFT auctions that does nothing. later only to realise that this ridiculous yield is actually to grow your NFT into one that can "battle in arenas in the future".

The actual Farming is in which I think is migrating into Polygon soon as well.

Should I take a dive??

Too bad that my $BANANA accounts have been a little weak, and harvesting with $BNB gas fees can be quite a lot;

Fortunately I still have a bit of extra $BANANA from the #Polygon Network that could cost me less to bridge it back while harvesting with a fraction of a gas fee.

Only to find out that I need at least 25 $BANANA to swap it back to BSC.

What a bummer...

However, I have other alt-coins in hand that I can still move around, and the good about is still working via VPN, I can still love some $HIVE over (another good place to blog quality contents and a different kind of passive income - which is another story) without touching the precious $BCH, I have decided to move some of it to convert to $BNB, even though I will loose 0.0005 BNB along the way.

Minting an NFT for the first time (the verdict)

Minting own NFTs are not easy, especially when you have to pull different resources together to get it done.

Although compared to minting directly using the native token, which can cost up to $89 USD, the hassle paid off when you know where to source for un-performing (but still has slight value) tokens lying aside doing nothing, you can save a lot more than to just buy it straight.

Even though I have to go through much step-by-step hassle, paying less than $18 for an egg is definitely easier than getting the General ones.

But there's a catch!

In order for the egg to be hatched, you need EXP, and to get EXP, you have to stake in pools so that it can be increased.

What a cheeky way to make people hold funds in your account!

Quite brilliant strategy though for those who love games like tamagochi...

Worth my time?

I think so far this is more of a tamagochi + future pokemon + cryptokitties kind of a way to keep your coins burnt / spent while enjoying some NFT profiles in different platforms. I do wonder whether one day all these NFTs can be conjure into one space where we can use any of them on the same chain? But that would mean that it becomes 1 NFT game rules all profiles... hm...

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