My First Impression of Plant Vs Undead (PVU)

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2 years ago

I know, I know... I should have started with Axie BCH Scholarship...

but I think to have 3 Axies and go straight to battles which I don't have the time yet (rushing work), probably taking care of plants (much more passive activity) would have helped me to kickstart before more time can be harvested to dabble with Axie.

First impression

I must say that to come in at a bear crash of this game may not be the best idea, but this also allowed me to start with bare minimum expenses of 5 PVU that rounded up around $20 USD. I think one of the noiser got it for even at half a price which I think could just work.

Furthermore I had to wait for around 12 hours before I could see the farm working again after a pull out from the marketplace and the farm plot that didn't even allow me to start. To be honest, if this continued until midnight (GMT +8), I would have just given up and just call it a day.


Me being placed in group 10 that finally started working, gave me a slight hope that the game is not rug-pulling today; so I decided to give it a try to just see how this whole thing works and is it worth the time.

But before I could start anything, I needed the juice: 5 PVU

With the only asset I have left in the space while the rest are still locked up in farming and pools, I have decided to use some of my BNB instead of trying to withdraw a $CAKE and then only swap for it (which is a doubly-charged action), I have used the precious recollected BNB to give this a try.

Of course I could have used BCH, then again it is too much hassle and capital loss along the way from exchanges, this is a much saner choice than wasting my precious BCH.

Time for shopping?

So according to the discord steps, I have to use the 5 $PVU to change to the in-game token $LE before I can start doing anything...

To do so, I have to get some LE first, where this wavy arrow will guide me there.

So apparently from $PVU ➡️ LE the conversion rate is the same; while the sell off of $LE has been very much suffering inflation due to the fact that big players have started dumping to get their PVU capital back; resulting a much higher bleed of LE to earn back 1 PVU.

As my entire journey learning crypto investment, I have always reminded myself:

Every cent I spent I count it a loss first, and then I can enjoy the experience and gain experience and passive income along the way

Unfortunately, it seems not only PVU is needed. Just like all BSC chains like PancakeSwap, every move requires gas fees, and just like Pancakeswap, first purchase requires Approve and Swap fees.


It does take around 2 minutes to get the tokens updated; which I am not sure is it because the game is too clogged up with players, or the developers are scrambling to do some updates - hence the closure of the marketplace - that is causing the delay.

Nevertheless, the LE tokens did come through.

Next: Time to shop?

Since there's nothing in my inventory, apparently I need to get some basic elements so that I can at least earn an NFT plant.

So apparently the most basic thing to do is to water the "World Tree", and to do that, acquiring water is the most basic thing to do.

So I might as well to try setting aside both for the World Tree and my tiny pot... which I have no idea how to get the seeds yet.

Fortunately once the in-game token is acquired, I no longer need to burn more $BNB along the way.

And time to give it a try to water the world tree.

With apparently enough LE and water, I can give this a go.

With the minimal use of 20 water, I can actually water like 10 x on the tree unless I decided to get other tools.

The moment I contributed some water, all the buttons on the left side lighten up!

And I tried claiming the most bottom part and I got back some $LE tokens in return, like a "cash back"

Interestingly, not all are $LE in-game tokens, I actually got a sun box, and probably something else inside the box.

This could be the Sunflower Sapling the guide mentioned in discord, which is no where found in the shop.

And apparently if I get 100 sapling, I will be able to swap for a seed later.

Get a pot:

So apparently, with that 1 Sapling, I can still generate more LE in order for me to get more sapling, I can do that further.

But 1 sapling lasts 3 days. If I get a small pot I might have to spend again that only last another 10 days. So I have decided to get a bigger pot that will last 30 days where I can harvest LE that can get me double sapling for a proper seed later.

Once that is bought I can just add in to the sapling that I have planted from the land that was given to me to start with.

I think I am about to set, and just come back in every day at the same time and water the plant, and schedule a plan to reach 100 samplings for a seed soon.

Verdict? Worth the time?

Overall this is actually a strategy farming game that rewards players along the way. It is less aggressive as Axie where battles are not needed at the moment; but there will be more and more needs of tools to tackle natural elements, and probably in time the game would have evolve to something that might show us when the undead part is revealed.

I also believe this is actually a speed game, and for those who loves charts and numbers, one can strategise the fastest way to not only get the first NFT plant from 5 PVU (most basic investment) without cheating with loads of investment and get both capital and keep earning passive income later.

15 hours later....

Suddenly when I checked in, there was a crow! And with this it means the harvest will be delayed... and from the time it was paused...

It apparently appeared 6 hours later after I have planted the sapling; and this has delayed production by 9 hours and if it was still there and the pot is not fully watered the harvest will end with 50% less.

From this observation, setting aside scarecrows are inevitable. Lets hope there are no more crows coming in 6 hour's time!

Another delightful check - World Tree Contribution

The other new things that I have checked when I returned to the World Tree page, I have an additional unclaimed item on the right side, which I am not sure is it from the additional 20 water I added; nevertheless bonuses are always welcome!

And from there, I saved 400 worth of $LE to acquire saplings, and that would have saved me a along the process.

Not to mention, each 20 drops of water there are new chances of getting some goodies; and this round I have 2 small pots that can help me to speed up my farming experience. Saves me 100 LE as well.

Not too shabby!

Overall, the game still reward being active checking through different modules; which definitely gives additional incentive to keep playing the game.

Final First impression Verdict: Still uncertain is it still worth the time

As of today, 16 hours later, definitely is too early to determine whether it is worth my time; but so far so good that the developers are still working hard to fix a lot of things and maybe, like Splinterlands, it will take 4 years and beyond to keep improving the game.

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