My first experience on DOT chain

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3 years ago

"Good morning Littlenewthings! JoeBanana here!"

That was the beginning conversion from my good old fellow #teammalaysia member who never fail to introduce new stuffs for me to share. He is definitely an xDai expert, and he is more excited than ever that finally the Polkadot para chain testing has started.

So as Polkadot is not totally running full fledge yet, it is very important that developers to look for totally inexperienced users to test their chain, hence for this n00b on this new chain experience, I did not hesitate to jump in and test how it works.

So for the beginning, getting an extension for polkadot wallet is very important. Just like Metamask existed for ETH in its humble beginnings, so will be the important wallet gateway to this totally new ecosystem.

First look

For those who has been exposed to Metamask or any plug in wallets before, this is a familiar site. Polkadot UI seems to be more colourful and direct, compared to the more rigid design of Metamask

Clicking on the "+" sign would have directly shown you the seed phrases, and yes, you MUST copy the seed phrase for backup, and if you ever lose that, you lose everything!

Once that is done, you can go straight ahead to just check the box and proceed to the next step.

So I have decided to allow the account to use any chain, because I still have no idea how it works. There ARE dedicated chain for example you want it strictly for Kusama, but right now I guess being open for anything is could work.

After that, just go ahead and create it

Testing the wallet on an actual beta site

My friend JoeBanana has graciously provided a test link site for me to test it out, however I am not going to put the URL here yet until I confirmed with him to see if anyone else can test it, and apparently you actually can invite others to test too!


because this is a DEX beta site, which requires money and probably gas fees (?) along the way. Therefore this is definitely not a free site to swindle any extra tokens / coins yet... or perhaps... it is?

I totally have no idea the use of the scoring yet, but I guess from this website prompt, I did something right.

A plus point for the site is to gamify the experience. This would definitely encourage users to test out their services even more.

Overall experience

After reading some of the medium articles from this beta site that is testing on the polkadot chain, apparently the scores are your "chances" to earn air drops from learning something more on the new DEX. If you are interested to test out with me and try your chance to obtain some air drop, feel free to visit the site with the link below.

Remember, this is a DEX, and this is a BETA test site. Don't dump all your savings to try it out for airdrops ya!


At this point of time, I think anyone without a proper laptop browser that supports extensions will not be able to try this out.

So for mobile users, you may not be able to enjoy this exclusive entry test, unless I can dig in a little more information.

How about you?

Will you be curious enough to test out polkadot for some possible rabbit hole experience?

19 April 2021 11:45 GMT+8 Update
Apparently this is on test net. So it is just to get ready to before the actual rollout happens

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