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Getting a Feel of "Space" (Terra) Network

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1 month ago

And how was it?

Mind blowing!

I mean, Terra (Luna) network has been boasting about how fast they can be but I have never seen it THAT fast! It's really like a snap of the finger and there it is, from (the recent very unstable) Harmony chain to the super fast Terra network!

However interestingly that I hardly see any farms available for the LUNA (gas fee token) readily to be mined or staked, but UST seems to be the main attraction at the moment.

With a lot of people saying other stable coins are bound to be regulated, I can't help but wonder would UST be another better choice since its pegged mechanism is very different, which I am still trying to wrap my head around it.

Under the spectrum protocol, the only way to get it, which is not available on other Centralised Network just yet except $LUNA the coin that is the gas fees, I am curious to see how much gas fee is needed for a tiny bit of exchange.

Fees however aren't as cheap as Harmony which hardly has anything there, however I am not seeing Luna is being used?

I am still seeing though the LUNA wallet is used, but protocols like Spectrum is still relying on UST.

And the only place that I can stake fully decentralised without KYC for $LUNA is at , however it is unimpressive of 3.4% APR. However the good part is that it is never locked up.

I know that this post looks a little messy, but I am logging this as I go when I am looking to understand how this new ecosystem I have never ventured.

Should I give it a try??


At least readers here will understand how much it cost to actually venture out further of what they have to find the best protocol they can set aside.

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Written by   79
1 month ago
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