Expanding the team – from one HERO to 7??

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2 years ago

How on earth did I get into a HERO NFT Shopper Junkie??

Well… needlessly say that the bottoming prices are pretty attractive at the moment; and since #DefiKingdoms is my now no 1 most vested NFT other than #Splinterlands (which unfortunately I do not have enough time to do an almost 1 hour battle with the new saturated very good players), I find before the DUEL (PvP) feature starts, I should take advantage of investing some HEROes, upgrading them, get some loot back from Quests, and then trade them off later when anyone needs to either summon a new HERO or needed some to for PvP.

But then I am not a really great NFT collector, and I do know that some of my choice of NFT (due to low prices) the “elites” players said they are crap.

Needless to say that I would love to prove them otherwise.

Starting from humble beginnings:

Though I do agree when the NFTs are new and they are pretty much without experience, some of the Quests returns are pretty crappy;

But as the days go buy when I kept sending them for quests and upgraded them, they tend to get better and with more ability to harvest some pretty neat stuffs I can swap back for game token $JEWEL or even some stable coins to some extent (when needed – but that I keep doing it at crystalvale first) just to cover costs.

So far thought it is a slow process but after 95 days to be able to recover 11% of the total HERO investments (in tokens), it doesn’t look as bad in the light of such a bear market fiasco.

With uncertain bear market keeps crashing the crypto market, I do contemplate whether to convert all the easier hauls to baseline crypto or just prepare future "NFT enhancers" (like the potions) for future upcoming features that are yet to be showcased.

Perhaps, getting overall gas fees recovered should be a good start.

And getting these NFTs upgraded enough for future features is definitely a good idea.

How about you?

With the game token of this project is now down 90% of its value, do you think you might gamble to see if it worth the investment; or steer clear from all the alts projects and maxi BTC (or BCH) all the way?

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2 years ago