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You should always keep large portion of your crypto portfolio in Bitcoin

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2 years ago

With the current alt rally, you will definitely be tempted to buy in as much as you want. However, except for a few altcoins, the majority are not backed by their organic value at the moment.

It doesn't mean they are scams. It just means they have a large speculative value. And this can go both upwards and downwards. Trust me, you don't want to be the guy that loses a lot of money by investing in the bull market like those that did in December 2017.

Check up the history if you don't believe me. Bitcoin is the first and one of the most secure crypto coins. Its chances of dying is very low.

When I was asked about speculation in reddit, this is how I replied:

Just because something is not a scam doesn't mean it is a good idea to invest in it. I will ask you, would you buy a KFC burger with 10,000$?

Would it make sense to buy something that is worth much less but has a much higher price because some idiots are buying it at a price that isn't backed by the token's utility?

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2 years ago