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$VIEWS / Views Farm is a scam

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2 years ago

$VIEWS claims to be a project that will pay its users when they stream using their platform.

This is another of those scam coins that come up in the bull market since people are looking for next big thing which will moon.

They said they will pay a designer for working on a logo but they didn't.

"PROOF: the PSD of their logo:

The VIEWS team has offered a bounty for the new logo creation which I made, they are already using it on discord and telegram, And in the body of the new extension.

After asking many times for an ETA on the transaction of the payment, they stopped replying.

I gave it 1.5 day and then on telegram, The telegram viewsfarm said that they don't know anyone by that name and that they made the design themselves, I then got banned from the telegram and from his DMs on discord for "Fud".

Then they made a BS excuse to not pay, It's just 1 ETH."

If a project doesn't pay 1 ETH to its loyal contributor, it probably won't pay much when you stream using it.

It's a total scam probably propped up by Nigerian or Indian scammer rings.

"What was I expecting as a designer they already took my design and stopped replying, So I took that they didn't want to pay anymore and I had to ask them in the telegram, I provided proof and the dev said he never messaged me before, And then me and the other guy got banned.

I have the original files, You can see their old logos, and you can search these messages on the discord (first part), I can provide any proof. - [Source]

They were never going to pay. This scammers' site is and their token is Views. Do not fall for these scams.

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Written by   12
2 years ago
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