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The church!

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2 years ago

We all know a church is a place of worship where believer if a particular religion come together to carry out various activities in reverence to their God.

Looking at a Christain... What does it mean to call yourself a Christain?

Well to the best of my knowledge I would say a Christain is a person who potrays the chharacter and attributes of Christ. Christ which is also known as Jesus to Christain's .

Someone who lives in Nigeria is a Nigerian, someone who lives in America is an American so also someone who live in Christ is a Christain.

When you talk about what a church is? It's not real the structure or the building where Christain's come together to worship. A church is it's members. A building is called a church because of the member and the activities they carryout in it. Take the members from the building and it no longer become a Church. It's like same thing for a forest. A forest is called a forest because of the numbers if trees in. It, take the trees away from the forest and it would no longer be a forest.

The church is a place of worship and as Christain's you are expected to fellowship. It's is possible that there is still restrictions in your country so you decided not to go to church but I tell you that you are wrong. You can decide to fellowship right in your house and the lord would accept it. The Bible say if two or three are gather in my name I would be among them. So you have no excuse as a Christain fellow today with your creator.

You all have a lovely Sunday. Peace.

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2 years ago