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Love yourself!

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2 years ago

My yesterday almost went sour at the end because someone told me something that hurt me a bit.

It wasn't an insult but it was a statement that was made out of misunderstanding.

It wasn't who I was and it wasn't what I had been but for some reasons and out of how I felt yesterday due to an emotional issue, my reactions were really not as they ought to have been.

One thing I learnt is that we should always be intentional about keeping our emotions in check and that we should not feel negatively affected by what others say about us.

We should remain positive and learn from statements and see how it can become otherwise to the person who misunderstood us in the course of time.

Let us not accept who people say we are from a negative standpoint and if there is any truth in it for whatever reason, let us rectify it.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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We should try to understand other's opinion about us, and take them positively. And if people insult or always criticise about our work, we shouldn’t get bothered and deal with positivity and maintain a distance with that kinda people.

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2 years ago