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2 years ago

Listen to someone who had a coaching session with me for 3 days.

Hear what he has to say:

_I'm Igbinedion Victor, a student of the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State._

_From my day one till the end, the sessions were explicit. Honestly I really gained a lot in business, career and Academic development._

_I've been able to learn some things about business, how to get a mentor, how to get quality branding for my business._

_He also taught me and helped me to discover more about what I needed to do before branding myself as a business in Graphics and Digital Marketing._

_The service rendered to me was great. I still look forward to learning more._

_Thank you very much._

So what's holding you back?
What do you need to know?

You got an idea?
Watch out for my post tomorrow and see how to go about ideas?

He had an idea but it wasn't ripe for implementation. He knew that from the sessions I had with him.

It is imperative to know and understand how feasible, viable and ready you are for an idea and if that idea is ready for implementation.

This will help you avoid so many 'trial and error' scenarios and also save you the time, energy and effort that may be wasted from crashing anytime soon.

He learnt this very well and there's no greater joy than seeing the people you impact doing what needs to be done.

You need to grow deep before growing tall, so what's the hurry?

You can always reach out to me. Feel free!

@israel okiemute

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